Over Again (Sequel to 'A Love That Lasts')

May moved to London, Met Harry Styles and fell in love. Harry cheated on May and then ran away. Will she find him again? If she does will their relationship ever be the same? Read to find out!

(If you haven't read 'A Love That Lasts' you probably should because this is a sequel and you wont know whats happening)


1. The Auditions

~Make sure you read the first story of this!!!!!!~

~1 Year Later~

Its been one year since Harry Styles. The love of my life ran away from me, from the boys and everyone he knew. I think about him everyday that hes gone. I miss him. But not as much as i did the night he left me. I have gotten over it, but i haven't forgot. 

Today the boys are trying out for the xfactor as solo artists just for kicks. But Liam's in it to win it, because 2 years ago Simon said he wasn't ready and told him to come back. Well hes ready to kick some ass now!

My mind was thinking about where Harry was now when Louis elbowed me lightly "so hows the boyfriend May?" he winked

"Nick is not my boyfriend Louis, for the 15th time" i said smacking him. Nick was seriously not my boyfriend, we just seemed like it because we were so close. He was my best friend behind the boys. We have been best friends since we met a few weeks after Harry left, Nick was the new kid.

"I know i know. I just like to fuck with you haha" he said rubbing the spot where i smacked him.


~4 Hours Later~


We finally made it to the back of the stage and waited patiently for the boys to be called one by one to audition. Liam was the first one up and we watched on the tv as he walked onstage. Simon's expression was priceless.

"Liam. Good to see ya how are you?" Simon asked

"Im good Simon how are you?" Liam responded nicely

"Im good thank you. What will you be singing for us today?"

"I will be singing 'Cry Me A River" he said happily and the music started to play


Now you say your lonely,

you cried the whole night through.

Well, you can cry me a river, cry me a river

I cried a river over you.


And now you say you love me

Well, just to prove that you do

Come on, and cry me a river, oh cry me a river

I cried a river over you


Cry me a river


everyone sprang to their feet and cheered as loud as they could. Now we had to see what the Judges say.


Louie: Yes

Cher: Yes

Simon: One massive almighty yes from me


Me and Jaz bounced around screaming because we were so excited for Liam! Jaz and him have been dating for the past few months. Liam came offstage and we engulfed him in a big group hug and jumped around until Niall was called. We all wished him good luck as he went onto the stage.

"hello and whats your name?" Simon asked as Niall as he reached the center of the stage.

"Niall....Horan" he said proudly

"alright go ahead" Cher said and the music started playing


mmmm mmmm yeah

do do do do do do do

oh yeah


Gotta change my answering machine

and now that im alone

Cuz right now it say that we

Cant come to the phone


and i know it makes no sense

cause you walked out the door

but its the only way i hear your voice anymore


Cher: I like you, your like an irish Justin Bieber. Im going to say yes

Louie: I think you got potential, im going to say yes

Simon: I dont think you chose the right song, im going to say no


It was ok, Niall still made it through and we were super duper happy! We jumped around again and gave him a hug. Next was Louis.

"Good luck Lou" i said giving him a big big hug. Then he was off to the stage


"Hello, whats your name?" Simon asked

"Louis Tomlinson" he replied

"Go for it" Cher said and hus music started playing


Hey there Delilah whats it like in New York City?

Im a thousand miles away

but girl tonight you look so pretty, yes you do

Times Square cant shine as bright as you,

I swear its true


Hey there Deliliah dont you worry about the distance

Im right here if you get lonely 

give this song another listen, Close your eyes

Listen to my voice, im by your side

Its my disguise


Oh its what you do to me

Oh its what you do to me

Oh its what you do to me

Oh its what you do to me

What you do to me


Cher: Yes!

Louie: Yes

Simon: Yes


We all were super stoked for Louis! Especially me, Louis is like the big brother ive never had and i love him to death. When he came offstage i ran up to him and gave him a massive hug. Finally Zayn was the last one up, we all wished him luck as he went onstage.

"Whats your name handsome?" Cher asked

"Zayn Malik" he replied

"What will you be singing for us today?"

"Let Me Love You by Mario" and the music started to play


Your the type of woman

Deserves good things

Fistfull of diamonds, Hands of rings


Baby your a star

I just wanna show you, you are

You should let me love you.


Cher: Yes

Louie: Yes

Simon: Yes


Finally the auditions were over and after we had a big group hug we started heading to the car. On my way out i heard the most angelic voice singing 'Isnt She Lovely' which is like my all time favorite song. I hope they make it, there really good. And we got into the car and went home.

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