Over Again (Sequel to 'A Love That Lasts')

May moved to London, Met Harry Styles and fell in love. Harry cheated on May and then ran away. Will she find him again? If she does will their relationship ever be the same? Read to find out!

(If you haven't read 'A Love That Lasts' you probably should because this is a sequel and you wont know whats happening)



Im not sure if i want to continue this story. i feel like im boring my readers to death and it sucks. If you really want this story to continue then please let me know but if not then im gonna start writing a whole diffrent story. THANKS for reading! AND IF YOU REALLY WANT THIS STORY TO CONTINUE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!! I wont delete it but i wont finish writing it unless someone comes along and asks me to. But thanks anyways



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