Over Again (Sequel to 'A Love That Lasts')

May moved to London, Met Harry Styles and fell in love. Harry cheated on May and then ran away. Will she find him again? If she does will their relationship ever be the same? Read to find out!

(If you haven't read 'A Love That Lasts' you probably should because this is a sequel and you wont know whats happening)


4. Awkward.

"May wait!" he shouts, then realizes were not doing anything "oh..hah well um bye" he says then rushes out.

"he thought we were having sex?! ewwwwww!!!" i shout then walk out of the room. I see Harry standing there and i grab him and pull him into a room "why did you just do that?" i ask not sounding mad

"im sorry i just thought.."

"i know what you thought by why would you even think that?" i ask disgusted

"because you guys are dating...but i didn't want him to have you because i want you" he said

"Harry....were not dating." i say laughing

"your not?!" he asks happily then starts to walk towards me.

"Harry i cant, you cheated on me and i know it was a while ago but i still don't know if i can trust you." i said sadly, i really wanted to trust Harry again but i couldn't.

"May, Lily kissed me! I would never kiss her back! Ok? I love you! I want you more than anything in the entire world right now. I tried to pull away put she is fucking strong, I need you May. Ive loved your from the first moment i saw you and ive never stopped! I need you please please-"

I cut him of by crashing his lips to mine, he licked my bottom lip begging for entrance which i accepted and the kiss deepened. I quickly peeled off his shirt from his toned chest, "damn" i said looking at his abs and v-line.

"Like what you see?" he laughed

"hell yes" i said crashing my lips with his as i ran my hands up his rock solid abs and grabbed his curls in my hands. He slowly started unzipping my dress "no teasing Harry!" i laugh

Then we hear someone screaming from downstairs "HARRY WHERE ARE YOU?!?!" its Louis. Dammit! we then hear foot steps coming up the stairs and we quickly get our clothes on and finish up as Louis walks in. "what are you to up to?" he smirks

"just talking" i say and Harry nods but our hair is a little crazy so i dont think we got away with it "well see you around Harry" i say and walk out the door

I walk downstairs to see the rest of the boys and Jaz smirking at me 

"JUST TALKING!" i yelled and they all just smiled and gave a 'sure you did' look

Im not sure what me and Harry are considered now, i mean he didn't ask me to be his girlfriend again anyways. Do i want to be with him again? Im still not sure but ever time he kissed me i melted on the inside. He was so sweet, funny and not too mention hot as fuck.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and i turned around to see Nick standing there "what the fuck May? you didnt actually go make-out with him did you?" he asked sounding pissed. I was getting tired of hit attitude lately

"yeah i did, and im happy about it" i snapped at him and he grabbed my wrist and pulled me in for a hug

"Im so sorry for being a douche bag, and i still hate him and i wont let him hurt you" he said

"I forgive you, and whatever you say" i laughed as Harry walked down the stairs and gave me a smile.


~3 Months Later~ 


The boys have been on xfactor for 3 months now and if you were wondering, me and Harry are not an item. Yet. hehe i gave an evil smirk and Jaz looked scared.

"Uh...M?" she asked scared

"Yeah Jaz?" i asked laughing at her face

"whats with the creepy smirk" she looked serious

"oh nothing" i laughed and she just continued texting, probably Liam. Just then my phone rang and i say a text from Louis.


From: Louis(:

Hey babe! Are you guys going to watch us on the finals tomorrow? 


To: Louis(:

Of course!! You idiot. What better things do we have to do?


From: Louis(:

Well Mrs. Sassy pants...oh and Harry cant stop thinking about you(;


To: Louis

You text me that every fricken day Louis!


From: Louis(:

I know! Well text you later love(:


Louis is a fricken maniac, everyday he texts me saying Harry misses me, i dont know if i should believe it. Ever since that night we kissed i cant stop thinking about him either. I have no idea what to do. Just then my favorite little guy came running down the stairs with his 2 best friends that are like bros to be now too.

"Hey Luke, Calum and Michael" i said happily "how are the youtube videos coming?" they like so post YouTube videos of them singing in a band and there quite amazing i might add!

"Its great sis, were going out to meet up with our new friend Ashton. Hes probably going to be our new drummer!" Luke said excitedly

"Thats great" i said happily "we will just be here watching the boys on the xfactor"

"k bye! Ill be home by 11" and they were gone


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