Not Exacly 'True' Love

My name is Aria. Im a BIG famous actor, well in America. I recently moved to London a few weeks ago. Since im a famous actor in America, im not that known in the UK, so management set me up to 'date' a guy from a famous boy band, thast from UK. We're not actually gonna date, just make everyone think that we are. Management thinks that if i date someone well known in the UK, it'll get my movies around. I dont really like this idea, considering im gonna have be 'dating' a guy who's WAY to full of himself, and sleeps with every girl. I just cant stand him. He knows i dont like him. Since he knows, he tries harder and harder to get me to like him... The sad part is.. I think its working...


1. Meeting 'him'

Aria's Pov:


It was Friday morning, and i just woke up in my 'new' house, in London. It was 9:30, and in had to get ready. Today is the day i had to meet him. The guy i have to spend all my time with. I got an instant frown on my face. His name was Harry. The Harry Styles, from the famous boy band, One Direction. I read about him, and he seems like a complete ass. I mean i know you're not supposed to believe everything on the internet, but really. It all sounds pretty real to me. I sighed and got out of bed. I had to go meet him, and his other band mates in about two hours. I walked over to my closet and picked out a long sleeve tight grey shirt, with a light pink/peach scarf. I put on the same color, a light pink/peach skinny jeans on. I walked over to where all my shoes were, and picked out some grey high heels. I kept my long brown hair down, but i curled it loosly, so it was just wavy. I applied a little bit of make up on. I grabbed my phone and my white bag, and walked downstairs to my kitchen. It was now 10:35. I got some cereal, and ate my breakfast. I finished and i had about 45 minutes left till i leave. I decided to watch some T.V. I watched some show on MTV. By the time it was over, 15 minutes left. I decided to leave now, so I could grab some coffee, from a starbucks or something.  ~Skipn Coffee run ~

I got to One Direction's big house, Yes they all share a house. Well thats what i was told, their security guard said they do that for some 'safety' thing. I dont know..? I got out of my car and a bunch of body guards were everywhere. I see someone walk over and it was Paul, their Security Gurad, thats with them most of the time. He's the one that i talked on the phone about, almost everythings thats going on. "Hey Aria, how are you." He asked. "Uh, im good. How about you?" I told him. Lying that I was good about all of this, but i wasnt. I dont wanna do this..Not with Harry. "Im good, thanks for asking. Come on, lets go meet the guys." He told me. I gave him a fake smile, and nodded. We walked in, and i saw five guys sitting on a couch(s). "Everybody, this is Aria, Harry's new 'Girlfriend'." He told them putting quotations around girlfreind. They gave me all their 'hi's' and 'Hello's' and all the smiles. "Hey." I tell them. They all got up and walked over to me. They all told me their names, and we all shook hands. When I got to Harry, He was smiling wide, showing his dinples. To be honest, he was very attractive, and I mean VERY attractive. But he still seemed like a dick, so it doesnt matter. I gave him a fake smile, that was probably not that convincing, and shook his hand.

Harry's Pov:

Its about 11:30, and i've been waiting all day for my 'girlfriend' to get here. She should be here any minute. Im so excited for this, i mean i havent had a long lasting realationship in awhile. I know its not a 'real' realationship, but people will think it is. Then i wont be known as the 'man whore' everyone thinks i am. Me and the guys are all waiting in our living room, when we hear the door opened. It was Paul.. and her. She was beautiful. I cant believe that i get to 'date' her. Well not date date her, but you know what i mean. Paul introduced her to us, and we introduced ourselves to her. When it was my turn to tell her my name and shake her hand. Why am i so nervous about this? I was smiling uncontrollably, and probably look really stupid. But i dont care. "Im Harry." I tell her as i shook her hand. She smiled. But i could tell she was faking it. She probably didnt like this whole idea. I mean, she's kind of stuck with me now. "Hey" She says. "So, I'll let you guys get to know her, ill be back in a few hours." Paul said. "Bye" We all shouted. "So Aria, wanna sit, and we can all talk. Try to get to know eachother, so this wont be awkward. " Liam told her. "Yah, okay." She said with a smile. "So, you're from America, right?" Zayn asked. She nodded in agreement. "What did you like to do, when you were there?" Liam asked. "Well, I was in quite a few movies, i hung out with my freinds a lot. That about it." She told us. "Livin The Life" she told us sarcasticly. We all laughed. She's funny, too. She's perfect. "Haha, I can tell." Louis said laughing. "So, what about you guys? What do you guys do here?" She asked us. "Well, we sing. We're usually always together hanging out." I told her. "Sounds, fun." She told us. I smiled at her, but she looked away. "IM HUNGRYYY!" Niall shouted. "Niall, you're always hungry." Louis said. We all laughed. "Well, should we all go somewhere to get something to eat?" I asked. Mainly looking at Aria. All they guys nodded in agreement. "What about you, Aria?" I asked. "Uh, sure. Why not?" She said. "Nandos It is!" Niall yelled. "Okay, well how about you ride with Harry, that okay?" Liam asked. "Sure.." she said. She didnt look really happy, she actually looked.. Mad.

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