Claire Ellis looks like a normal teen but she's not. She's a fire elemental. Meaning that she can control fire. Everything goes well when a new student enters her school. Turns out , he's an elemental too. But , he's the opposite element. Water.


2. The Characters!


Okay I'm only making this so that you can visualise the characters easier. If you think this is unnecessary , you can move on to the next chapter. Thanks. - Sam xx


Name : Claire Maribelle Ellis

Age : 17

Name : Troy Alexander Ellis

Age : 22

Name : Jonah Hendric Ellis

Age : 16

Name : Louis William Tomlinson

Age : 18 

Name : Pauline Ellis


Name : Allison Garcia

Age : 17

Name : Althea Trevor 

Age : 17

Name : Sydney Horan

Age : 17

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