Claire Ellis looks like a normal teen but she's not. She's a fire elemental. Meaning that she can control fire. Everything goes well when a new student enters her school. Turns out , he's an elemental too. But , he's the opposite element. Water.


4. New Kid

I entered the classroom to see Mrs. Mallory sitting at her desk. "Late again , Ms. Ellis?" she said , raising an eyebrow. I sighed and walked towards my seat. "You study in a prestigious school. We do not tolerate tardiness. Please try to be more punctual next time." she said. I rolled my eyes. "Anyways , let's begin our lesson." she said. "Last week we started studying how to-" she was cut off by a boy suddenly bursting through the door. He was panting. "I'm sorry I'm late. I'm new here and I got kinda lost." he said , still panting. "Have a seat." she said , pointing to the only vacant seat. The one beside mine. I watched him walk over and sit. I looked back to Mrs. Mallory. "If there will be no more interruptions  , we will continue our lesson." she said , turning to the chalkboard. I looked out at the window as Mrs. Mallory droned on and on about who knows what. I started to feel as if someone was watching me. I turned to look at the boy next to me. I saw him turn his head away quickly. I chuckled to myself silently. "Ms. Ellis? Are you paying attention to my lesson?" Mrs. Mallory said , causing me to flinch. "Yes ma'am." I said. She stared at me for a few moments then went back to talking. I sighed. "Your homework for today is page 52 to page 60 of your Math book. It's due tomorrow." she said. I groaned , along with the other students. "Okay , our class is over. You may go." she said. The other students got up and rushed out. I stayed in my seat , waiting for them to go out since I didn't want to squeeze in with them. I saw that the boy beside me was doing the same. I stood up and walked towards the door as the others began to leave. I held the door open then turned to the boy. "Thanks." he said , keeping his head low as he walked out of the room. I went out after him. Someone grabbed to door to keep it open. I turned to see Mrs. Mallory. "Claire," she said. "Yes , ma'am?" I asked. "Do show him around , yeah?" she said , referring to the boy. I nodded then went on my way. I jogged over to my locker and grabbed my art stuff then quickly ran to the classroom. 

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