hi guys my first ever fanfic so no hate or anything and hope you like it=)


3. chapter 3



   Sophia's P.O.V


     i went home and saw my stepsister on her phone ..... whooops! i forgot to mention that i have a stepsister hehehe sorry.......hey jewel where's mom? i ask her oh she went to america for a while some relative is sick i don't know who jewel answer okay if you need me i'll be upstairs i said then i went upstairs...... after i did all my work i laid on my bed then jewel shouted from downstairs hey ia i'll be gone for the whole night i'll sleep at jeff's house she said okay i shouted back jeff is her boyfriend then after that i heard the front door close then my phine buzz i saw niall's name i read it 


hey sup?


nothing....hey want to hangout                                                                                                            from:niall<3

sure be there at ten text me your address 

i texted him my address after 10minutes i heard i knock downstairs i went downstairs when i opened the door i saw niall hey i said hey answer back then i welcome him then we sat at the couch we decide to watch movies then we watched 3 movies we the last one we're watching coming soon it's one of he horror movies they it was really scary, but it isn't at all ia i really wanted to ask you this since this morning but i can't hold it much longer will you do the honor of bbieng my girlfriend? he ask yes! niall i reply to him then he went closer and kiss me i can't believe this i'm NIALL HORAN'S GIRLFRIEND

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