Left at the alter

****Off my Quotev account****

I was scared and not ready. But then I found out I was pregnant. For three years I survived under the radar but once his sister spots me in a park. I know my cover is blown.


9. He isn't mine

I sigh as Roselina jumped around as she held my hand. Arianna laughed her head as she walked beside us. "Baby, stop jumping" I say. All she did was giggle. "But mummy" she whined as she giggle. I shake my head as my heels clicked against the pavement. All of a sudden, Roselina let go of my hand and ran off. "Roselina!" I call chasing after her. Arianna raced behind me. I saw her up a head with a man who was with his mates. I ran up. "Roselina!" I call. I swooped her up and glare. "That was very naughty" I scold. She pouted. "You are in the naughty corner when we get home" I say angrily. Arianna took Rosie from me and shook her head. "Charice" a voice said. I look up and saw it was the 1D boys and their wives/fiances. I swallow and sigh. "I'm sorry my child disturbed you" I apologise. I turn around and start walking away. "Charice" Liam said I turn around and he jogged up to me. "I'll catch up" I say to Ari who nodded and walked away. "About the other night...I'm so sorry for their behaviour" Liam apologised. "You need to stop apologizing for their actions Liam. They are clearly old enough to take responsibility for it" I say. "Harry's the father is't he?" Liam said. I look at Liam and then to everyone who was staring at us. "Yes" I reply as I locked eyes with Harry. I look at Liam who grinned. He hugged me and spun me around. I laugh as he placed me back on the ground. "But this stays between us" I state. He sighed. "Why Char?" he asked. "Because I don't want him involved in her life. I ran from him Liam. I don't want to stuff things up again" I reply. "Did he even know you were pregnant?" Liam asked. I shake my head. "When we got married, I was a month along" I answer. "He was heartbroken when you ran Char" Liam stated. "I know but hey he's doing fine now" I reply as we look over at them. "He should know" Liam said. "I will tell him. Once we're both married and have our own families and happy. I will then tell him when the time is right" I say to Liam. "But what if he isn't fine?" Liam asked. "He isn't mine anymore Liam so it's not my problem. Yes that's mean and harsh but he isn't mine and I have to deal with that for the rest of my life" I state. "You still love him dont you?" he questioned softly. I nod my head and turn around. "I'll see you around" I say as the tears fell.

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