Left at the alter

****Off my Quotev account****

I was scared and not ready. But then I found out I was pregnant. For three years I survived under the radar but once his sister spots me in a park. I know my cover is blown.


18. Been to Manchester

Charice's P.O.V
I sat eating on the couch while Rose played with her dolls. There was a knock at the door so I got up to answer it. I opened the door and Arianna was standing there. "You're alright" she said entering. I shut the door and sit on the couch. "I'm fine. I just went to Manchester for a bit" I explain. "You ignored our calls and when I knock on your door, you didn't answer so I assumed you were blocking us all out" Ari explained. I shook my head. "Nah I just got away from everything. Plus Rose wanted to go out and do something other than going to the park" I smile. Arianna hugged me and we caught up on everything. "So Louis and Eleanor are still fighting?" I ask. Arianna nodded and I could tell she was hiding something. I raise my eyebrows. "What are you hiding?" I ask. She sighed. "Is it bad of me to want them to split so I can get with Louis?" Arianna asked. I nod my head. "Yes. In the way that you've put it, yes" I answer.
I sat in the cafe drinking my smoothie when I felt a presence. I look up to see Louis, Liam and Harry. "Hey Charice" Liam greeted as they sat down. "Um hi" I reply placing down the magazine. "Where've you been?" Louis asked. "I went to Manchester to get a break" I answer. "Why didn't you tell us?" Liam asked. "Because I needed a break. If I told you guys, Arianna would've flown to check on me and  I didn't want that" I explain sipping my drink. "How is Rose?" Harry asked. I bit my lip to stop myself from blurting out the secret. I glance at Liam and Louis then at Harry. "She's great. Healthy, cheeky like y- um yeah" I say, mentally kicking myself. Liam shook his head and Louis frowned. "I might go. I have to pick her up from day care soon and I have chores to do" I announce as I got up. "Great seeing you boys" I say, slightly nodding and walking off.

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