Counting Stars

Juliet struggles to deal with an identity crisis brought about by her past. The boys of One Direction set out to help her discover who she really is and who she should be known as. The entire time she has known them she has kept her past a secret from 4/5 of them. When she receives a call she finally gains the courage to tell another one of the boys. Then slowly one by one they all are told. Some feel betrayed and the others understand why she kept it from them.

Is she Julia Martin?
Juliet Summers?
Or does she go by Olivia Jackson for the rest of her life?
Each name has some painful memories behind it.

While doing this does her feelings for one of the boys create more problems that it solves?


1. Oh My God

Have you ever been someone’s sex toy? As if you were some sex slave only created for the benefit of sex. Or even just been friends with benefits? Well friends with benefits NEVER work out, so they say. But I guess Harry and I are different. I find it hard to have feelings for someone and he finds it hard to find someone who will truly care for him and not his fame. Yes I’m talking about that familiar curly haired pop star Harry Styles.


We met while he was touring around Europe and I was backpacking. I guess he found my bitchy attitude towards him and his mates alluring. That first night we met at the pool in the hotel we were both staying at was the best thing that could have happened to me. I was actually wanting to drown myself in the deep end, to knock myself unconscious and let the water drown me. But when he sat beside me on the edge of the pool everything changed. He could just tell by the way I looked at the water that I wished it would take my life and I don’t even know how he could tell.


It was like he was wishing the same thing. That night we went back to my hotel room and fucked. The morning after I woke up to find him out cooking breakfast and his 4 band mates in the dining room as well. I screamed at all of them to get out. I didn’t understand why he couldn’t have just accepted it was a one-night stand and that he should have done what any other guy would have done; sneak out in the early hours of the morning.


After that night Harry kept coming back to my room knocking on the door asking to come in. I kept refusing. Then one night he was drunk and banging on the door loudly and shouting. I didn’t want to let him in but I knew if I didn’t then we’d get complaints. So reluctantly I let him in. He started rambling on about random things and talked about all of his failed relationships and how he just wished to fuck a girl and not have it get complicated. He ended up passed out on my couch and I had no clue what room he was staying in so I left him. The morning after he apologised for his behaviour and said that he had just gotten into an argument with his mates about his current girlfriend and got stupidly drunk. I told him it was fine and that he should get going so his friends don’t get too worried about him. Just as I was about to close the door behind him he realized who I was.




“Oh my god!” He stammered as he looked closely at me.

“What... Have I got something on my face?” I asked hesitantly.

“No… Why didn’t I see it before? You’re Juliet?” He asked me. I flinched at that name. I haven’t been known as that name for 2 years now; I wanted nothing to do with my past.

“You should go.” I said blankly.

“You are Juliet!” He said loudly as he blinked his eyes multiple times.

“Don’t call me that!” I hissed.

“Everyone thinks you’re dead.” He sighed.

“Well that’s because Juliet is dead. I’m Olivia now.” I replied harshly.

“Why?” He asked.

“Why not? I want nothing to do with that past of mine.” I said looking to the ground. The thing is I may be Olivia but I still love the name Juliet even if it reminds me of my past.


-End Flashback- 

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