Counting Stars

Juliet struggles to deal with an identity crisis brought about by her past. The boys of One Direction set out to help her discover who she really is and who she should be known as. The entire time she has known them she has kept her past a secret from 4/5 of them. When she receives a call she finally gains the courage to tell another one of the boys. Then slowly one by one they all are told. Some feel betrayed and the others understand why she kept it from them.

Is she Julia Martin?
Juliet Summers?
Or does she go by Olivia Jackson for the rest of her life?
Each name has some painful memories behind it.

While doing this does her feelings for one of the boys create more problems that it solves?


6. Can I Not Tell Him?

“Yes he knows. I don’t cheat on people. I’m pretty sure EVERYONE knows I fuck Harry the amount of times he has been caught leaving mine in the early morning.” I groaned at those terrible memories of paparazzi waiting outside the house every time I had him over. Luckily they had never caught Niall when he snuck out otherwise that would have made for extra drama.

“Well Harry does Niall like her too?” My mum asked him.

“Mum I don’t like either of them!” I groaned.

“Oh but you do it is so obvious. But its also obvious that he likes her. Him and I have an agreement that if one of us truly ends up liking her then the other backs down but he hasn’t told me so I wont give up the best sex I’ve ever had just yet.” Harry grinned.

“Oh my god can we please stop talking about sex!” I said rather loudly.

“Ok fine fine. Lets talk about how you’re going to tell Niall then. We can’t have him finding out from fans.” My mum said happily.

“Can I not tell him?” I pleaded.

“You have to tell him some point. He will start to wonder who you’re visiting all the time and I’m sure he was jealous when you asked me to come down instead of him.” Harry explained to me.


“Well whens the best time to tell him then?” I asked the two for suggestions.

“How about you and him go out on a date and you explain it then?” My mum offered.

“No way am I going to ask him on a date then he will get the impression that I like him!” I groaned.

“Well how about I convince him to take you on a date then?” Harry asked.

“Can’t it just be friends hanging out?” I asked hopefully.

“No way! You need to realize you like him so a date is the best option! Harry you do your job and get my daughter and Niall together by the end of the month and then I can go peacefully knowing that my daughter has the right man looking after her.” My mum said and then I remembered I only had a month left with her unless we got the radiotherapy.


“I will do that.” Harry beamed brightly. I decided there was no point in arguing with them since Harry will go ahead and do it anyway.

“I should get going Jasper and Nick are probably wondering why I’m not at work. I’ll bring the books tonight when I visit. I love you mum.” I said before giving her a kiss on the forehead.

“Harry could you take me to work please?” I asked him kindly.

“Sure then I’ll go chat with Niall.” Harry said cheekily.

“Bye dear.” My mother said to me just before we exited the room.


“Well she seems lovely.” Harry said to me as we made our way out of the hospital. Just as we got to the waiting room we saw Sam sleeping in one of the chairs so we woke him up and told him he could go home. We said goodbye and quickly got into Harry’s Range Rover that was parked only a few meters away from the entrance.

“So what are the books she wants you to get for her?” Harry asked when we were about 10 minutes from my work.

“Oh its two scrapbooks I assume they have things from her childhood and new photos of family in them.” I shrugged my shoulders at him.

“That would be nice. If you need me tonight feel free to call.” Harry said before grabbing my hand and rubbing circles on it. He normally isn’t this caring with me it’s normally just have sex and then “I’ll call you later on.” Which always means I’ll call you for the next booty call.

“Thanks Harry.” I replied and we were silent the rest of the way.


“Let Niall know that I’m fine and that it was just a family visit to the hospital.” I asked Harry and he nodded before I shut the door to his car. Walking to the building I entered swiftly and said hello to Michael the main security guard on today before taking the elevator up to the 11th floor. 

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