Fake Dating Harry Styles

They said it would be easy, they said it would boost both of our popularity. They said it would be easy fake-dating one of 1D's heartthrobs. Little did I know I was going into a lot more drama than I thought.


7. Ch. 7

I hang up. "Jenna what's wrong?" Harry asks. "Nothing, nothing." I say. He's back. My ex. Josh. We were dating before I was famous, but he hurt me- emotionally an physically. I broke up, and it helped me write my songs and it started my career. I try to enjoy the rest of my time with Harry before I have to leave. I just know that Josh won't stop bugging me until he gets rid of Harry. I just hope he's noticed that he won't succeed on trying to get me back. I have plenty off bodyguards, and so does Harry. The time comes when my limo arrives. I grab my suitcases. "I guess I'm leaving then." I say. "Yeah." Harry says, looking down. "I'll mis you." I say. "I'll miss you too. Now you've got to go, so send me off with something I can remember." He says with a smirk. My lips connect to his, feeling the fireworks this time. We hold it until I hear a voice. "Ms. Anderson? Were running late." My driver says. Harry and I part. I walk to the car, turn around and wave. It's all I can do. I never knew that I could have so many feelings for someone who I had only known for a short amount of time. I step into the car, tears forming as I drive away. I can see him sit down on the steps, his head in his hands. I see Niall and Zayn come out to comfort him. I do the usual, slump down on the seat, slip I'm my headphones, and get away from this hectic world I live in. 



sorry for the short chapter. If you guy have a wattpad, I'm going to upload a new fanfic on there if you guys would read it:) my user is @/amazingpayne :)

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