Fake Dating Harry Styles

They said it would be easy, they said it would boost both of our popularity. They said it would be easy fake-dating one of 1D's heartthrobs. Little did I know I was going into a lot more drama than I thought.


1. Ch. 1

I'm Jenna Anderson, international singer/songwriter pop star. It all started when I was little. My dad used to tell me I would sing at the top of my lungs all day. Right now I'm on break for a little. I just ended my tour in America. "Jenna! Robbie's here!" My mom screams. I'm staying with her for now. I really did miss her during my tour. Robbie walks through the door. He's my manager. "Jenna, baby! I have some news!" He says, clapping his hands. "Get ready to top the charts!" He continues. "C'mon Robbie! Get to the point!" I say. I never know what he ha sun for me. "We- I mean another manager and I- have come up with a great idea!" He says, emphasizing the 'great'. "You will be dating One Direction's Harry Styles!" He says. Oh no. Him? Does it have to be him? I mean I haven't really met him yet... But of what I've heard he thinks he's the best in the world, and can get any girl. "Wha?" I ask. "This will boost your popularity! It will skyrocket!" He says. I take all this in. Fake dating for popularity? I promised myself I would never do this, but Robbie has made my career better, after some mistakes of course. "I don't know about this..." I start. "Thinks about it, Jenna, you, dating Harry Styles! Everyone teen out there loves them- and you! Put two and two together, BAM!" He says. "Do you really think it would help?" I say. IF I do it, it's only for popularity. I promised myself not to get into relationships right now, I want to focus on my career. But success comes with sacrifices, I guess. "So whattaya say, Jenna?" Robbie says excitedly. "I-I guess." 

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