The Unexpected *One Direction Love Story* -ON HOLD-

Niall and Harry, and the rest of One Direction were my best friends. I met them a little before the X Factor, when I was actually auditioning myself. We all talked and got to know each other. We became friends instantly. I haven't seen them since the X factor, and miss them like crazy! But, there probably busy singing and going on tours and stuff.

-Who will fall in love with who? Who will Rebecca choose and would it ruin there friendship forever? What's going to happen?-

PS: This story is on my Quotev account, and maybe my other ones that are on my profile... If you find this story elsewhere, that's not on any of the users on my profile, please tell me!! Thank you!


11. Chapter 8

Niall's POV:

The boys and I were telling the fans what we would be doing today. What songs we would be singing, the signing and everything else. Rebecca said it seemed like we were taking our time with it. It took us around 15 minutes or more to just tell the fans what they were going to be doing! Becca got it all on camera, so we can look at it later and laugh.. she told us we made it look so funny, and that didn't seem so good. Haha.. well, it will probably be funny.

Anyways, we were just starting 
to sing What Makes You Beautiful, it was Liam's part, as we were just starting it, and the rest of the boys and I didn't have to worry as much. Harry and Liam probably had the most solo's in WMYB.

Well, everyone was cheering us on while we were singing What Makes You Beautiful, we all went to the fans at some point during the songs, to go and touch the fans hands. Their screaming was amazing.. They were all so dedicated.

During Harry's second solo, I looked at Rebecca, who was recording us. When is that girl not recording us? She's got so many pictures and video's of us already and she's still filming more. At least we know she's good at it. Also we know now that she's good at making Harry feel better, which is going to be really helpful soon.

 WMYB ended quickly, and we were moving on and singing One Thing.

After WMYB was over, we waited a few minutes, and than started singing One Thing. Those fans were still screaming through the whole thing.. It was awkward when they weren't screaming before, so keep screaming guys! In One Thing, I had more words to sing with the guys and everything, so I couldn't really think about things so freely.

The performances were going by so quickly, I didn't even notice WMYB, One Thing or Gotta Be You end! So this wasn't going to be so bad, we're going to get through this pretty quickly. But the boys and I liked it, we liked the fans screaming for us, and we just did what we were doing, you know? We always enjoyed every moment of performing, singing, signing, the interviews, being together and everything. We always enjoyed it.

Louis POV:

I didn't have that many solo's, so I was just basically looking at Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn, or Liam when they were singing. It was funny.. seeing there faces while singing. I loved seeing Harry's face at the end of WMYB, it always made me laugh. But I didn't actually laugh, I just laughed to myself.

Before I knew it, we were done performing WMYB, One Thing, Gotta Be You and More Than This! We had our 30 minute break now, and we all got off stage and went to Rebecca. "What did you think?" I asked her. "I loved it! You guys did really good!" She said with a big smile on her face. "Aww thanks!" we all said at the same time.

The weird thing was, Niall didn't go get any food.. He usually always gets something to eat. I was expecting him to be the first to get something to eat. I looked over to see him with Harry. Harry was nodding at something Niall was saying, was Harry okay?

I walked over to them, and sat beside Harry. "What's wrong Harry?" I asked, he didn't answer me, and Niall signalled me to follow him. So I did, when we were far away from Harry, Niall finally said "I think I may have made Harry annoyed, frustrated or angry... I asked him about Jammie." I looked at Niall, surprised. Than I looked at Harry. Did Niall really make Harry depressed about Jammie again?

"Well, we can't have him depressed! We have to do something!!" I said loudly, but not loud enough for Harry to hear. "What can we do?" Niall asked me.. and we stood there thinking for awhile. Then I finally asked, "What did you say to Harry to make him depressed or whatever?"

"Well... I said.." he started and thought to himself for a second. "I said, Rebecca will help you with Jammie, don't worry.. and maybe that's what it was?" he looked at me confused sort of. I knew that wasn't all he said, but knowing Niall, he didn't do it on purpose, he didn't mean to make Harry depressed again. Niall's always so helpful when harry's upset.

Neither one of us knew what to do about Harry being sad again, but we didn't have time to think about it anymore because we had to go back on stage to sing.

When we finished singing all the songs, we had forgotten we wouldn't be answering the fans questions today, but we did anyways.
Most of the questions were things like, What do you like in a girl or, what's your favourite food. But one girl, she looked like she was around 10 or 11, she said something really sweet. She said, "Thank you one direction, for everything.. we all love you and your my inspiration" So it wasn't a question, but she did ask "Do you like playing with Harry's hair?" and we all laughed. At the end when she came up to us she told us she saw a video of us playing with Harry's hair, so that's why she asked.

How sweet, right? 

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