The Unexpected *One Direction Love Story* -ON HOLD-

Niall and Harry, and the rest of One Direction were my best friends. I met them a little before the X Factor, when I was actually auditioning myself. We all talked and got to know each other. We became friends instantly. I haven't seen them since the X factor, and miss them like crazy! But, there probably busy singing and going on tours and stuff.

-Who will fall in love with who? Who will Rebecca choose and would it ruin there friendship forever? What's going to happen?-

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6. Chapter 5

Rebecca's POV:

I woke up from the sound of my alarm clock. I opened my eyes, to see my room light open.. Did I forget to close them? I wondered.. I probably did, I was tired last night and really wanted to get some sleep.

I looked at the clock to see that it was 7:03 am. Today was the day I get to see the boys! Finally. I wonder if they were still the same teenage boys they were 4 months ago. You know, besides being so famous and everything. I got dressed into some simple clothes that I hadn't packed.. I packed all my clothes, and when realizing yesterday that I had packed everything and hadn't gotten anything out for today, I just grabbed whatever was at the top.

A blue tank top, white jeans, a white half sleeved (short, up to my waste) jacket, two bracelets, and a pair of random shoes. It probably didn't look the best, but I didn't really have time to get my clothes out and pack them all back in. I went down stairs after changing and sat down at the table. My mom was making breakfast while Crystal and Jake were giggling about something, while Darcy was half asleep in her high seat.

I decided to help my mom with breakfast, so I did. We made some pancakes for Crystal and Jake, and some cereal for Darcy. I just had some pancakes, even though I wasn't that hungry. When we were done having breakfast, I saw the time and it was 7:40 am. My step dad was walking in the kitchen and asked me "Are you ready for today?" I nodded my head as I started washing my dishes.

When I was done doing everyone's dishes (yes, I figured if I was doing mine already, that I would do everyone else's too), I got my suitcases from my room and stacked them up near the door. It was now 8:20 am and I had an hour before I should leave with my step dad. So, I just went in my room, closed the door and looked around, deciding what to do.

I was getting my camera when I got a text.

I looked at it, and it was from Niall.. It said "Hey, we'll meet you at the signing today, okay?" and I replied "Alright Niall, see you then!" and we talked for a little while, I asked him what time the concert and everything was actually starting, he said at 10 am they are going to sing the songs, at 12 pm there going to do the signing, at 2 pm they would take some pictures with fans and then at 4 pm they would answer some questions for the fans. Oh, and they might also do some closing songs.. we might also get delayed so who knows how long it would take!

I personally thought it was too much for one day, that too the first day. But the lads explained to me, that was the whole point, they were supposed to do a lot today, for the first day, because tomorrow they get a break just to do whatever and day after they do more signing and concerts.. also different cities and towns, so yeah.

He said I should come earlier, at 9 am so I could video tape them before everything.. So I should be going soon.
I waited for my step dad, he had to get something. Then he came back, got my suitcases and put them in the car, I got my camera, cell phone, and some other things, my bag and journal too.  I said bye to my siblings and mom, then the drive took about 37 minutes, it was a lot shorter then I expected. I thought it would take more then an hour. Oh well.

When I got there, there was NO ONE there! When I got there, I told my step dad he could go, once he helped me get my suitcases out. When he left, I put them against a wall and took out my camera, getting it ready to film the boys, and take pictures of them. It was now 8:40 am, I didn't know I was early.. oh well, I guess I would have to wait.

I was testing out my camera, it was on but pointed at the ground where my shoes were, and the ground of course. When I was looking at the camera trying to set it up, I saw 8 pairs of shoes appear all of a sudden. I looked up and the boys were there. I looked up, confused for a second and then looked shocked, they all laughed.

"Nice to see you too" Niall said laughing. I laughed a little, "Hi guys" I finally said. "Nice to see you, it's been awhile" Louis said smiling.
When the boys told me that they should get a scene before the autographs and everything, so the fans could see what happened before it all started and everything. I nodded my head and pointed out that I had a camera in my hand. The boys laughed at me pointing at it, they probably had a camera set up for me to use, but it was big, and they said mine would be better.

The boys grabbed my suitcases and put them in the back of the tour bus that we would be in for awhile after the performance and probably the whole year. The boys really hadn't changed at all, maybe a little more comfortable around me, but besides that.. not much was different.

Their height was a little taller, but then again I probably forgot how tall they were before, same hair (except Zayn who had dyed his hair blond). I think their voices got a little deeper too, just a slight bit. It was hardly noticeable and it took me a really long time to notice. That too when I was listening really closely. 

But besides that, Harry still had that cute curly hair and charm, Niall still had his big apatite, Irish accent and blond hair.. also he was really nice to me. Louis was still super nice and funny, helpful and caring. Liam was still really nice to me and we always got along great, he also was still with Danielle, which was really good to hear. As for Zayn, he was EXACTLY the same.. sweet, caring, quiet, just his hair was different.

I couldn't wait for things to start, I could finally try and connect with the guys, better then I already had. I wanted to know there feelings and everything.

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry if the chapter isn't so good... I had good ideas this morning, but I was at school.. I should have written them down! Oh well... This was the best I could come up with, hope you liked it! Yes, I finally got it moving and Rebecca finally got to see the boys. It had been months actually since she saw them last, and they are just starting the "Year In The Making" movie thing! Next chapter I'll try getting back into the boys POV's, I'm trying to even it out with who's POV I use.. I know I haven't used Zayn or Liam's point of views that much, I'll try doing there's in the next few chapters! Sorry about that if you guys didn't like it.

Thanks for reading! 
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