Who cares?

Everyone in Breannas school is hopesly in love with one direction bit now breanna! She hates them! What happends when her best friend makes her go to a One Direction consert? Why happends when she meets a member?


1. Tickets

Breannas P.O.V

i was at my locker lissoning to Mia blab about one direction. "Louis said that" "Zayn said this" blah blah! "Hey gess what I got?" Mia said "A mute button?" "No! I got… TWO ONE DIRECTION TICKES!!" I just stood there while Mia was doing what looket like the funky chicken! "Who is going with you?" I asket "you are!" "What no I'm not!" "Oh come on Breanna! Please?!?" She gave me puppy eyes. "FINE!" I said "YAAY!" The bell rang and we walked to our first class.


                               *skip to the end of the day*

I was walking house while Mia blabbed about poster ideas. When we got to her Tom te where posters EVERYWHERE! There where even some on the floor! She when to her closet and pulled out: I one direction dress and a denim jacket. "This is what you are going to where!"  "No im not! I'm mean look at it! You might as well stamp 'idoit' on my forehead!" I said Mia rolled her eyes. "Please Bre?!" "Fine…". She smiled and she gave me dress. "When's the consert?" I asked "Tomrrow night." Mia said while she was looking at dresses. I nodded my head as I was look at the freak dress. "I better go back home. My moms probably freaking out!"!

 I said "awww ill pick you up at 5 for the consert." "Kay" "bye" "bye" I walked to my house.

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