Who cares?

Everyone in Breannas school is hopesly in love with one direction bit now breanna! She hates them! What happends when her best friend makes her go to a One Direction consert? Why happends when she meets a member?


2. The show

I looked in the mirror and I felt like idiot! "Breanna Mias here!" My mom yelled "I'm coming!" I yelled back as I walked down the stairs. U saw Mia looking worse then I did! She had drawn all over her face,a one direction headband,and skinny jeans and a one direction shirt. "You ready to go?" Mia asked "Yup" I said poping the 'p' I when in the passenger seat while Mia stared her car. When we got there there was screaming and crying girls. We gave them our tickets and the ladey let us in. We had pretty good seats. When we got there I sat down and went to my phone. Girls where yelling: "ONE DIRECTION! ONE DIRECTION!" They ran onstage and they stared singing: "Maybe it's the way she walked strate into my heart and stole it!" Oh my god someone save me! "Mia imma go to the bathroom." I said "ok" I walked no RAN out the door and I walked around the building. 

Louis's P.O.V

"it was the best song ever." Liam sang. We ran off the stage to get dressed. I finished first so I when out to get fresh air. I opened the door when I heard it bang on something "OW!" I turned around and there was a girl laying on the floor. "IM SO SORRY! Look I've give you backstage passes if u don't scream my name right now!" I said covering her mouth. "Go away dont what to go to ur cosnert!" She said "man we got to get u or a doctor!" I said holding out hand but she dident take it. "I don't even like u guys!" I looked down at what she was whereing. "My friend made me come" she said "LOUIS!?" I herd Paul say. "I have to go." I said then Paul opened the door. "Louis come on! U start in ten seconds!" "Bye" I said to her. "Bye…" she answered I walked on to the stage and the music stared. "Do you remember summer '09 wanna go back there every night just can't lie was the best time of my life. Laying on the beach as the sun blew out playin this gutar by the fire to loud oh my my the could never shut us down." I was looking for the girl the whole time. "Louis?!" Harry wisper shouted "oh uh  I used to think I was better alone why did I ever what to let you? Under the moonlight as we stared at the sea the words u wisperd I will always belive!" I sang distill looking for the girl. At the middle of the song I saw her walk in. When the show was over I Reyes to go get her when I was stopped b 


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