Las Vegas and 5sos 16+

Julia goes to las Vegas to see one direction and five seconds of summer when what happens when she meets the Micheal Clifford? remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ;) (16+)
so starting from the chapter"home" i am going to start writing 2 different novels . because it can go in several different directions ;) and i want to try out my other options thanks


12. times of the year

          It was hard on the first day of school Abby is in almost all of my classes or Bailey who is also in a lot of my classes. I kept getting a lot of looks i didn't feel comfortable i had no idea why was it because i had meet the all to famous one direction or because i'm in what some might say a relationship with Micheal like it was unbelevible that he would want me or that i almost got rapped. the bell rang pulling me out of thought

         "come on Jules" Bailey said pulling my book bag so i would get to my feet and fallow her to geometry. "are you okay you seam........out of it" i just gave her a look as if to say really your going to ask me if i'm okay really she didn't get it. 

         "I'm fine just thinking is all" i assure her she nodded and loped her arm through mine and went to geometry. 

         "hey im sorry you know that his a dumb ass" i looked at her then hugged her 

         "i know" i assure her again 

          i sat through geometry barley able to think. i looked at the people around me i had grown up with them i loved some of them i would do anything for some of them but others i really just want to punch in the face. 

           "i know you miss him" it was Marihia whispering from the seat next to me   

           "you have no idea, i miss him so much" i felt a prick in the back of my head and i knew my mind was already trying to stop the flow of tears.

           "you will see him soon" she said to me

           "ya, i know" i tell her only thinking about the conversation i had with Jackie back in Vegas about how the next time i would see him would go. 


        A few weeks had passed and i talked with Micheal a lot but now he was back in Australia. It was time of year again time for homecoming.Abby and i had gone dress shopping and picked out beautiful dresses mine was purple and had a sort cut with rhinestones covering the top in a fancy way. Abby and i got into my car and headed to the dance her boy friend didn't want to go anyway we pulled up to the school and got out of the car stumbling a little when my feet made contact with the ground. when we were inside the school there were hundreds of streamers colorful to represent candy land. we went down to the gym and started dancing having a grate time when the room went dark there were unnecessary shrikes and yells coming from all directions the projector shined behind the DJ on the gym wall then a picture popped up it was a boy with bleach blond hair i bit my lip Micheal.

          "hey Jules its me if you couldn't tell. and even though i cant see u i know u look gorges because you always do. im going to tell u one thing i miss u so so much" his nose scrunched and he shut his eyes when he said this like he was singing a really high note."i wish i could be there with u right now but i cant. and  i will see u soon i  promise." he gave a wink then reached forward and turned off the camera the room lit up again and everyone started dancing. 


         it was Christmas i woke up to a call from Micheal on my TV (like Skype on the TV) i clicked the remote to answer the call coming through on the flat screen that hung on my wall.

        "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! wake up a have something for you, open your eyes" i rolled over and opened my eyes 

        "merry christmas" i say sitting up in bed smiling at him with just my bra and undies on 

         "can you sleep with some close on, your killing me here" i put on a face like i was pretending to think about it and i shook my head no. i put a smirk on my face too.

        "okay well reach under your pillow" i plopped my head back down reaching for Micheal's sweeter sliding it on over my head his sent had worn off a little bit ago but i still loved the fact it was something of his. i searched under my pillow until i found an envelope i sat back up. 

       "why did u get me something" i shook my head at him 

        "shut up and open it and i was wandering where that sweeter had gone" i shrugged my solders and started unsealing  the envelope i pulled out the card covered in glitter that spilled all over my bed. it was a simple card with a usual Christmastime saying on the from but it was not the card that got me so excited there were 4 tickets plain tickets. a tear fell from my eyes and i sniffled smiling i was so happy i would be going to Australia to see him for a month. next month. 


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