Las Vegas and 5sos 16+

Julia goes to las Vegas to see one direction and five seconds of summer when what happens when she meets the Micheal Clifford? remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ;) (16+)
so starting from the chapter"home" i am going to start writing 2 different novels . because it can go in several different directions ;) and i want to try out my other options thanks


18. the ball


     The ball was approaching quickly and so was the end of my days with Michael. He promised i would see him when they tour the US in the summer which was pretty soon. The ball was a mixed effort of all the 1D boys moms and the 5sos moms. The girls and i had spent an entire day shopping for gorges dresses i mean amazing. the ball was tonight and the girls and i  were laying on the beach and the boys were playing in the ocean and having a good time.

      "Jules" I herd the faint sound of my name being called through my head phones then they were yanked out of my ears.

     "Ouch what the hell was that for" i yelled looking up at Abby

     "I just wanted to talk to you" she said in a concerned way " are you  going to be okay after we leave here. you haven't been this happy scene well i don't think i have ever seen you this happy."

     “ill see him don't worry about it."i heard a squeal and looked over seeing Marhia getting picked up by ashton and throne into the water she also received a sweet kiss it looked like they had gotten pretty close. Baylie and calum were close too and of cores the power couple  luke and Angelina.

     I got myself ready in Michael's room I did my makeup and let my hair flow freely down my back in loose waves. then pulled the top of my hair into a braid that laid at the top of my head like a crown. i stepped into my dress and watched as i pulled it over my body . i took a look in the mirror my dress flowed to the floor it was all black with shinning diamonds that covered the entire top part of my dress then trickled out into the black of it. And of course my lucky charm from Michael dangled around my neck. satisfied  I walked into the living room dressed and ready to go I found everyone waiting for me.

     Bayle had her gorges blond hair flowing into loose curls over her shoulders highlighting the tight, elegant, short black dress with a deep v neck and a thick gold strip running under her chest. Standing right beside her was Calum he had on a black tux and a white under shirt with a gold bow tie.

     Mariha had her short black hair in cearls. Her light purple dress had sparkels covering the chest and puffed out under the chest  it went to about mid thigh. Next to her was Ash his black tux with a matching  tie suited him perfectly.

     Abbys short blond hair lay nicely straight ending just  above her solder meeting her strapless pink dress  that flowed out at the bottom like fire showing the orange underneath when she walked. although she did not have a date she was looking forward to meeting Christipher Drew a close friend of the boys.

     anigilenas dress and mine were a little more fuller  . anigilena  had on a floor length dress purple and pink ruffles from  the waist to the floor then colorful crystals covered the entire top part of the dress her hair in curls. Luke had a white button up shirt a pink tie and a black jacket.

I finally made contact with Michael and looked him up and down his black dress pants seamed to be uncomfortable to him but looked grate on him of course and his silver tie and vest  to match my dress hugger his body just enough his black jacket that matched his pants hung over his arm and he had on his best smile. Michael made his way over to me putting on his jacket then offering me his arm kissing my lips lightly then whispered in my ear. "You look gorges I don't deserve to be going with such a beautiful girl" I smile I'm so lucky.

     We all piled into the limo that was waiting out front it was a short drive about 10 minutes. all of us in there with the radio on singing along to every word drinking champagne out of the bottle I could feel Michael’s arm around my shoulder I was going to meet his mom and that realization just made my heart skip a beat. He looked over at me and smiled handing off the bottle to ash who was on his lest not braking eye contact with me. It was like he was reading my mind like he always did. “are you okay”

     I looked up at him “yes” my face that was just in an uncertain state of fear changed to a huge smile. His changed from concern to a smile and leaned in kissing me I loved smiley kisses. We got out of the limo Michael catching me when I almost tripped over the curb. I watched as ash and Mariah walked in Mariah atched to his arm then calum and baylie abby walked in behid them I watched as Angalina and luke took there turn, now it was our turn Michael offered me his arm I took it smiling up at him the doors were opened for us and we walked through the tall doors. A giant chandelier hung in the center of the ball room, there were hundreds of beautiful dresses swirling around the dance floor each with a partner matching that person in some way  swinging them along in sync there were people lughing and clanking there glasses together. There were people eating and singing and talking and a girl looking at Michael about my age. She started tords us and I got that ake again but normaly when I get that it means something good is going to happen this was not good.

     “MICHAEL” the girl yelled her hair went a little past her shoulders in tight cearls she had on a yellow dress that went to the floor. “ I thought I saw that face of yours” she said giving him a tight hug forcing me to release my grip on him. She gave me an evil glance.

     “hello Cara “ he said

     “and who is this? One of your bandmates little sisters friend?” she said still touching him flirtatiously.

     “no. im his girl friend” I say before Michael can. I know I  through him off a bit because I have never really used that word before. I wrapped my arm around his body pulling him close to me and resting my head on his chest. She let go. “nice to meet you” i said raising a hand for her to shake which she did. “ im Julia”

     “Cara” she simply said

     “Jules I see my mom I want you to meet her” he said with his hand at the small of my back he knows I love it when he touches my back. We walked away from Cara he knows what he is doing to me guiding me wherever he wanted me to go and me willing to go there.

He eventually lifted is hand from my back and greeted his mom with  a warm hug.

“Michael” she said his name not wanting to let her son go again. She breathed in deep trying to gain his sent like I do when I haven’t seen him in a long time it made me smile. “now where is this girl I keep hearing about?” Michael moved out of the way and held his arm out to me I grabbed it happy to feel safe again.

                “here she is” he said then kissed my head sweetly.

                “Lovely to meet you, you are very pretty.” She smiled at me I smiled back.

                “thank you” I replied

                “ well Julia would you like to dance?” Michael asked me

     “don’t you want-” he took my arm and led me the other way toward the center of the room he stopped and we started dancing to the song L.O.V.E. we danced lightly across the floor my hands were wrapped around his neck and his hands at the base of my spine.

 I flashed back to when I was little. 8 years old on one of the many vacations we took a cruse my dad was carrying me in his arms on the dance floor my head laid on his shoulder as he sang to me. “L is for the way you look at me O is for the only one I see V is very very extra ordinary E is even more then anyone that you adore and love is all that I can give to you…….”  My dad and I swung around the floor as my smile grew singing along with him to every word. I remember being so happy feeling like nothing could get me that I was flying and my dad would never let me fall. The next song played another one of my dads favorites “the way you look tonight”. again we danced and sang smiling my sister and brother there dancing and singing with us my mom too. I faded out of the gaze.

     I never though I could feel safer with anyone then I did with my dad that night. But I looked up into Michaels eyes right now as the memory of my father and that night danced in my head and I knew now I felt safe again. I leaned my head on Michaels chest and wrapped my arms around his back I started to sing “love is more then just a game for two. Two in love can make it take my heart and please don’t brake it love was made for me and you.”

     “you know this song?” Michael asked me

     “yes, its one of my favorites. I want to dance to it at my wedding one day.”  I said then coming to the realization of what I had just said. i was about to correct myself tell him I was emotional that it was me and my father’s song that I have danced to this song dozens of times in my father’s arms. But I didn’t get a chance to.

     “maybe we will”

  I looked up in disbelief. I could hear his hart rate quicken when I didn’t respond. I pulled away from him and rocked myself a little more up on the tip of my high heal wrapping my arms around his neck kissing him “maybe” I replied and he smiled at me as I returned to our last position.  The cores of the song picked up again. And he sang

      “L is for the way you look at me O is for the only one I see V is very very extra ordinary E is even more then anyone that you adore….” He kissing the top of my head and we both sang and danced. I will always remember how happy I was right then and there.

We got off the dance floor and headed back over to his parents “hello” I say to his dad.

“ nice to meet you sweet heart you are all we hear about” he informed me  I felt myself blush.

“all good I hope.”

“mostly if its not when he is cursing because he cant be with you” i tightened my arm that hung around his waist. “ do you two want to go have a seat and get some dinner ?”

“sounds good. Im starving” Michael  said

“when are you not hungry” we all said in unison. We headed over to an empty table and we were served salads.

“so Julia you will be leaving soon?” his mom asked me sweetly but it felt like a slap in the face.

“yes, two days” I stated feeling an aching in my stomach.

“ that stinks” his dad said we went on with dinner carried on conversation his parent were pretty cool and that was to be expected. We finished dinner and found the one direction boys and talked to them for a bit Liam gave me a big hug and whispered just friends in my ear I proudly showed him Michaels guitar pick that hung around my neck.

Eventually the night was over and they raised a lot of money .  we all got back into the limo we were quiet this time all happy with who was with us Abby had stayed with Christopher drew he told us she would get home safely. I rested my head on Michael and his arm was behind my neck. We all got home safely and went to our rooms and “fell asleep”.


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