Las Vegas and 5sos 16+

Julia goes to las Vegas to see one direction and five seconds of summer when what happens when she meets the Micheal Clifford? remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ;) (16+)
so starting from the chapter"home" i am going to start writing 2 different novels . because it can go in several different directions ;) and i want to try out my other options thanks


16. good luck charm

  *******Julia's POV*****

           I woke up feeling rather happy he told me he loved me.

i climbed out of his bed  and went to his bathroom turning on his shower. i took off the necklines he gave me last night it was his favorite guitar pic i had never really gotten a good look at it before now but i knew what it was. he always has it in his pocket and always pulls it out before he goes on stage flipping it a few times in his hand before pressing it to his lips a single time. i saw where it was worn a little where his lips would go. it was a silver guitar pick and had an "M" on the front it was his good luck charm i carefully placed it in my make up bag not wanting to damage it.  i took a quick shower and got dressed i wore a loos fitting white button up blouse and lime green shorts and my new necklines that i fastened behind my neck  . i walked back into the bedroom and saw Micheal propped up on his elbow, "good morning" i say climbing back into bed  on top of him kissing him lightly then sitting up on his lap.

          "good morning" he said smiling putting his hands on ether side of my waist rubbing his thumbs on the lower bare part of my back.

          "what do u want to do today?"

          "we are going to the zoo" he stated proudly 

          "that sounds amazing"i said give him a kiss on the lips."whos all coming?"

          "probably everyone, the guys your friends whoever wants to" i just nod in agreement "um

so you might not want to do this but i have this thing i have to go to for my mom its like a ball and u have to have a puffy dress and we have to where suits. i mean u don't have to u would be meeting my mom and dad so i understand i-"

           "Micheal i would love to go with you"his face lit into a smile.

          "okay, we can get u a dress tomorrow."he told me

          "okay, lets get going then" i said

          "sounds good" i climbed off from on top of him and left the room for him to get dressed. i walked into the kitchen to have a plate handed to me by Ashton

          "good morning." he greeted me with a smile "help yourself"i turned to the long table in the dinning room everyone was around the table eating a very large breakfast. i made my way around the kitchen getting food and then sat down next to Marhia.  Michael soon walked in and took a seat next to me.   "so were going to the zoo?" Ashton asked sitting down at the table

         "yep"Micheal confirmed reaching over me getting a slice of bread. "Who wants to go"

          "Mariha do u want to drive with me?" Ashton asked

          "ya sure." there was no hiding how happy she was. Mariha has dark skin and short black hair that looks cute curled which is how it is done now she was wearing a white shirt with skull and cross bones on it, black washed out jean shorts and gray converse. 

          "Anngelina and i are coming too" Luke chimed in

          "i think ill just stay back here what do you think girls" he asked Abby and Baylie "

          "ya we can go to the beach and get some sun."Baylie suggested

         "sounds good" Abby added

          "okay lets go then" Micheal said getting out of his seat grabbing his plate and mine taking it to the sink the others did the same.

         Micheal and i got into his car after touring with the boys he had gotten a nice sized pay check and spoiled himself with a car ( ) we got in and drove off


           when we arived at the zoo Michael gave me a ticket and we made our way in where Ashton and Mariha were waiting.

           "you couldent beat me here?" Ashton asked jokingly

          "i am not going to chip the paint  or scratch that car." Michael stated matter of factually.

          "okay lets do this"i herd from behind me. i turned and saw  Anngelina and Luke walking our direction.

          "where do u guys want to go first" Ashton asked when the others joined us.

          "i like koala bears"i said

          "okay off to see the koalas then"Michael said grabbing my hand and leading the way all in all we had a grate day wandering the zoo we went to the wildlife hospital and got to do a lot nice things that the boys planed.


          we got back to the flat at around 4:00 and we all went to dinner at a caffe about 10 minutes from the flat.  Ashton and Mariha were holding up good conversation and Calum seamed interested in both Abby and Baylie. i felt Michaels hand on my lower back making circles with his thumb. "are you okay" he said in my ear 

          "ya just thinking"

          "about what?" he asked 

          "lots of things" 

          "you can tell me later" he assured me kissing me behind the ear.

         we ate and went home rather quickly i changed and went to bed Michael climbed in next to me.


          "julia get up. jules. julia" i heard Michael trying to pulll me from my sleep

          "what????" i moaned

          "get up i want to take you some where"

          "what time is it?"



          "yes get up"he nagged


          "okay then" he said taking the covers off of me and picking me up.

         "Michael cant you take me in the morning?" i pleaded desperately wrapping my arms around his neck

          "no it isn't near as beautiful"he told me

          "ill bet it is"

          "shut up" he laughed out while putting me inside his car

          when he got in next to me and started the car i leaned on his shoulder falling back into a sleep. "Julia were here" i opened my eyes to a beautiful sight the moon was glistening off the water and the rocks were shining reflecting onto the water i was suddenly wide awake. 


         "i know" he said wrapping an arm around me. 

         we  sat in the back of his car for about 30 min before i spoke "why did you give me your good luck charm."

          "how do you know that's my good luck charm" he asked

         "because before you preform you take it out and-"

          "spin it in my hands like a drum stick then strum the air  three times . then  flip it in my hands 4 time and kiss it because there nothing i love more then those boys there my family."          "you didn't answer my question" i reminded him 

        "what was it again" he asked ether trying to delay the answer or just being his usual forgetful self.

          "why do i have your good luck charm?"  i demanded sitting on my knees now looking directly into his eyes.

          he didn't answer right away like he was trying to say it right the first time but couldn't form the words "your the only good luck i need" he said not giving me much of an answer.

          "i wont be here forever i have to go home" i reminded him

          "not any time soon"he assured me. the sun rose behind his head i looked at the stones and water that were blue and now were a light pink orange blue it was gorges

         "i love you Micheal i really do please don't heart me" i asked him staring at him letting him know i need him to tell me he wouldn't.

          "i couldn't if i tried"


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