Before paradice

Lyric was never popular at her school.She was called horrid names,teased everyday.She had no family.She had lived in a run down so called "foster home".Her parents were killed in a fire when she was two.The owner of the "foster" center told her often how much she hated her.Will she live past theese horrible days and find paradise?


1. my life as of now

"How was school,Dirtbag?" Asked Nataria,the owner of the "foster home" I lived in.It looked like a shack shoved into a parking spot if you ask me.I answered her question sarcastically,"Great! I only got called a b***h seven times and shoved into my locker ten times!"Nataria glared at me , saying with her eyes "Want the belt,you little Dirtbag?"I just rolled my eyes and stomped up the familiar creaky,cheap wood that floored the entire shack.I threw my bag in my room that I shared with 7 other people.Boys,mostly.All of them disgusting in thier own unique way.There was one little girl,though.Her name was Meredith.She was two.I took care of her like she was my own sister.She had dark hair and bright blue eyes that were like sparkling diamonds.She could only say the first syllable of my name,Ly.So,she called me Ly Ly.She also couldn't say L.So, I was Wee Wee.

"Hey Wee Wee!"The boys yelled at me."What?!",I snapped."Shut the kid up,"Kyle said while concentrating on a game of battleship with his twin brother Luke.Meredith was crying.I walked over and picked her up, whispering into her ear "When I get outta here your coming with me."


"B7!" Luke shouted."DAMMIT",Kyle spat back.Just then the witch,Natalia walked in.We all stood up.

"CLEAN."PEOPLE ARE COMING", said Nataria,while dropping buckets and four dirty bath towels on the floor.

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