Before paradice

Lyric was never popular at her school.She was called horrid names,teased everyday.She had no family.She had lived in a run down so called "foster home".Her parents were killed in a fire when she was two.The owner of the "foster" center told her often how much she hated her.Will she live past theese horrible days and find paradise?


6. movies

We were all sitting in the movie theater watching the notebook.I swear this movie was made to help guys kiss girls.London was now weeping into Jays shoulder, which he seemed pretty happy about.Good thing she wore waterproof makeup.London looked at the screen,knowing what was about to happen.Yep,you guessed it, the main characters were kissing.And who else were kissing?London and Jay.I pulled out my iPhone 5 and started to play temple run.When I died, they weren't kissing anymore.Good.The movie ended and we walked out, me showing the papz my umbrella.


We got home and ran around playing tag some more until someone walked in.


I was hid hard in the head,turning everything black.I woke up a day later in a basement with one direction pictures covering the walls.I couldn't tell what color the walls were.I was tied to a bed post.At my waist.Stupid fans.My hands were free and my phone was in my pocket.I quickly dialed Louis."OH MY GOD! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!? WE ARE WORRIED SICK AND HAVE THE FBI SEARCHING FOR YOU!"Before I could respond everything went black.

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