Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


20. The Escape


I once again woke up to see Taylor all beaten up from the past times the two professors came over. "Taylor" I whispered but the didn't wake up "Taylor" I said but nothing "TAYLOR!" I yelled out, she jumped in her chair and finally woke up "Hey, I was sleeping here!" Taylor snapped I rolled my eyes and looked back at her "Try to think of a way to get out of here....for some reason Noah is no all" I said "Fine, but when we get out of here I'm going to have a long talk with him" I laughed at her reply and started thinking until I noticed that the rope around my wrists were loose enough for me to escape "Taylor, the ropes on my wrists are loose, if I mess around with it more I can maybe escape" I said with excitement "What about me?" she asked "Oh....and help you too" I started messing around with the rope hoping for it to get loose enough for me to slip out. Two hours past and finally the rope slipped out of my wrists "Thank you god" I whispered to myself "Hey vampires can't use that word" Taylor said "I can cuz my family is actually religious...........even though we're vampires....." I replied, I got the rope off my wrists and untied the rope that was around my stomach, after that I got up hopped to a counter where there were a pair of scissors that I've noticed before. "Mia, get me out of here!" Taylor commanded "Wait, let me get this rope off my ankles" I responded, I cut the rope off and ran over to Taylor and helped her out "Yes finally I'm free" she said "And a mess" I whispered to myself she just turned around and stuck her tongue at me, "Ok, what do we do now?" I asked "Well.....we have to find a way out" Taylor responded, I nodded and looked all over the place trying to feel a window or door because it was kind of dark. I found the door where the professors enter from "Taylor, I found the door" I said Taylor walked next to me and tried to feel the door "Your right......on 3 we will try to knock it down" I nodded and waited for Taylor to count "1.......2.......3!" we ran into it but failed "1......2.......3!" we ran again but failed again "How about we use our vampire speed to knock it down" I said "Lets try" we both took a few steps back "1........2.........3!" we ran vampire speed and finally made it out "Yay, fresh air!" Taylor yelled out "Now what?" I asked "Lets try and get out of here" I looked at the surroundings but there were only trees like if we were in a forest, I walked into some trees and found some trail "Taylor look" I said, she walked and stood next to me "Perfect......but we never know where this could lead us to" Taylor explained "Ya, I know but we can at least find out" Taylor nodded and cut off a branch with leaves on it "We need to wipe out our foot prints so they won't find us" she whispered. As we walked down the trail, Taylor was swinging the branch left to right on the ground trying to get the foot prints off the dirt "I think this leads to nowhere" I sighed "Just keep on going.....its better than being tied up and abused" Taylor responded. We just walked further and further into the woods hoping there would something out here, "Taylor look" I pointed out, there was a cabin with a lake right next to it "Should we go in there?" I asked "It depends, do people live in there?" she replied, I walked close to the cabin and tried to use my vampire scenes to see if someone was in there "I don't think so!" I yelled out, I turned the door knob and it wasn't locked, "I'll go inside and check!" I yelled out once again, Taylor just gave me a thumbs up while I walked in "Wow" I whispered to myself, it looked pretty old and there was dust everywhere "Hello?" I said, I walked through another door which led me to the kitchen "Hello?" I said again, I walked out the kitchen door, walked up the stairs, and down the hall "Hello?!" I yelled out but there was no response. I ran down the stairs and stopped at the entrance of the house "TAYLOR ITS SAFE!" I yelled out, Taylor just ran over to the house and looked at the place "It's old but it will do" she sighed I nodded and walked up the stairs "Well, I'm going to pick a room" "How many rooms are there?" Taylor asked "I know there's more than two" I said. I walked to a room that I liked and patted the bed to remove the dust, I laid there thinking that we got lucky today.


(Author's Note) Sorry I haven't updated lately I have had a lot of homework but at least I updated today and I will try to update more often so like,comment, and favorite please!!!!- Mystery Girl 12316




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