Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


4. The Car Ride

When Mackenzie got out from changing we headed out side to the halls. "So Mia, as you can see these are the halls" Mackenzie said "Oooooo halls so fascinating" I said sarcastically "Ya Mack I think that your going to be an awful let me do it" Taylor pushed Mackenzie out of the way and started walking ahead of us. We walked down the stairs and got near the exit of the building "Mia, this building is where the high vamps are so that means Mackenzie is one" i looked at Mackenzie as she nodded "Yup I've been here longer than both of you" I turned to look at Taylor which exited the building and I followed. "Any questions before we get any further" Taylor said politely as Mackenzie looked at her with a "who are you" face, "Ummmm....what is the age when vampires stop aging because some people say its 18" I thought I sounded stupid right now, "Its age 23, and its even better because your legal to do anything at that age" Taylor responded, I nodded my head and kept walking with Mackenzie and Taylor.They showed me the rest of the tour and it was 8:45, "Well nice to meet you Mia but I have to get to class so bye" Mackenzie said while walking away and waving, "What time does class start?" I asked "It starts at 9 but since your new here you don't get to go to class,and me either cause I'm your guardian for today and maybe since we're done with the tour....wanna sneak out of this prison and get a smoothie or something?" she said whispering to me "Sure but I don't have money" i said frowning "Its ok ummm do you have a bank account?" I shook my head no as she sighed "Well your no fun.....but then again we are vampires.....we can hypnotize people,run fast,turn invisible, and more" "Where are you going with this?" I asked suspiciously "Take out your fangs girl, we're going to get what we want.....o and also blood hunting if you want" Taylor said while running in vampire speed to our rooms. I ran vampire speed too and got to my room in a second, "Mia get dressed in everything dark so people won't notice us" Taylor said before walking into her room, I nodded and locked my door, I can't believe I'm going to do this I mean my parents would kill me if they found out that on my first day I'm sneaking out. I changed into the clothes that I wore before and added dark eyeliner to my eyes with a bit of mascara to go with it, I put my old reliable black converse on and looked in the mirror. I looked the same as usual but darker with eyeliner. There was a knock on my door but not just any knock it was a little cute knock people do sometimes, I answered and saw Taylor standing dark clothes too but differently, she had a long sleeved black and dark gray stripped shirt on with shorts on but with leggings under and black vans. "Looking good, and your wearing the same thing but nice" she said while entering my room "I like the mascara by the way nice touch" I smiled to my self as I grabbed my phone and put it in my back pocket "So going through my window like you said I can do?" she smiled and looked at me "Your a smart girl....and a good listener too" I saw Taylor put her ring on and turn to me "Do you have your ring on?" I raised my hand up and waved it so she could see "Ok then" she looked through the edges of the curtains to see if some of the school guardians are around. Taylor gave me a smile and a nod, with that she yanked open the curtains revealing the sun into my room, "Ready?" she said while opening the glass door to the balcony "Yup" I replied, we walked out and closed the door and jumped over the railing of the balcony jumping onto the roof tiles. Taylor started walking on the roof and I followed, "Where do we go?" I asked while checking to see if any guards were near "Over here" we got near an edge that was also near the brick wall which separated the school and the road. "Now jump" Taylor said while pointing to the direction of the huge brick wall "Ok I'll try" I looked at the gap between the roof and the wall, I closed my eyes,took a few steps back and ran to take a jump, I landed on the other side of the wall but standing on my feet to so I felt pretty lucky. I saw Taylor jump and land on her feet too, "So now what, we're in the middle of no where" I said and put my hands out trying to demonstrate "Let me call a taxi" she took out her phone and dialed a number "Hey Jack its me, yes sneaking out again, ok see you later" she said and hung up "Ok my old friend is picking us up, he's also a vamp so don't be scared and so you can know he also went to this school but now he's a taxi driver so when vamps like us from this school try to sneak out we always call him for a ride" I nodded and looked to my left and my right to see if I can see him, "Put on your hood so people can't notice you" Taylor said and put hers up too. A car came towards us and stopped in front of us "Need a lift?" a guy said Taylor smiled and got in the front passengers seat while I went in the back, "So you trouble makers are sneaking out?" he said "Oh come on Jack you know how I am" Taylor said laughing "Yeah, and who's your friend you got there?" he said "That's Mia shes new to the school" I looked up and noticed that Jack was not ugly at all he was pretty cute and when I say that I mean hot. "So your new there huh?" he said while looking in the top mirror in the car, "Yeah" I said getting little butterfly's in my stomach, "Well let me tell you something that school sucks, worst 35 years I've spent there....and I regret it" "35 years?" I asked pretty shocked "Yup everyone spends that much time there so your lucky that Taylor is in the same year as you cuz shes been in so much trouble they have to hold her back" Jack replied, Taylor punched him playfully on the arm while giggling out "Jack don't flatter me" I laughed at that response and looked out the window "So same as always?" Jack asked while looking at Taylor "You know me so well" she said playfully, Jack laughed and kept on driving. The whole time in the car Taylor kept on telling Jack about the problems shes been through and how she hates the school, "We're here" Jack announced and we got out, when I closed the door Jack called out my name and I approached the window of his black car "Yes?" I asked "Let me give you my number just in case if you wanna go somewhere, wanna talk, or just hang out" I smiled at what he said and gave him my phone so he could put his number in, he gave my phone back and replied "Nice meeting you Mia" I replied thanks and nice meeting you too as he left.


(Authors Note) Hope you like this chapter too I'm also planning more for this story so again like or favorite if you must!!!! - Mystery Girl 12316


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