Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


8. Party


When we got out of all our classes Taylor asked If I wanted to go to some party with her "So are you in?" she asked "Ya, sure why not" she nodded her head "Ok be ready at 8 and don't wear your uniform" I walked to my room and finished all my homework, then took a shower and curled my hair. I got changed into these faded ripped shorts and a white long and loose t-shirt with a v neck that said "Live, Laugh, Love" in big black letters I also put my old reliable converse on like always. I heard a knock but on the balcony door, so I pulled the curtains out of the way and saw Mason standing right in front of the door, "Can you let me in?" He asked I nodded and opened the door " Nice out fit, I'm guessing your going to the party too?" he asked "Ya Taylor told me to go" I responded "Well I think you need one more piece to this outfit of yours" he took off his shades and handed them to me "Put these on" I grabbed them and looked up and saw he had big brown innocent eyes that made me melt inside "Thanks but its going to be dark so there's no point of wearing them" I explained "Try to stand out.......why would you want to be the same as everyone else, its boring, be yourself" he said and I felt like I was blushing, "If you want I'll put some on too so you won't be alone" I nodded at what he said and put the shades on "Well see you at the party" Mason said while walking out, I felt like just fainting when he left and I felt so stupid because I didn't really talk at all. "Mia you ready?!" Taylor shouted and burst open the door, she was wearing black skinny jeans and a faded American flag crop top with some red toms, she also had her hair straightened "Ya" I answered "I'm guessing Mason came back and you guys talked huh?" she said "How do you know?" I asked "Cuz I just ran into him when he left, and you have his glasses on" I noticed I still had them on so I quickly took them off and hung them on the collar of my shirt. "He likes you"she said while messing with the tips of her hair "No he doesn't" I protested "Keep thinking that" she whispered and looked back at me "O and I also wanted to ask you if you wanted to get highlights with me" I changed my phones case and looked back at her "Really? When?" I asked "Well tomorrow cuz its going to be Saturday and that's when the school lets us go out to the human world" I responded yes and sat next to her on the bed "So what colors you getting?" I asked while putting gum in my mouth "Well I was thinking of a midnight blue, what about you?" she asked and put her hand out for gum, I handed it to her as I answered "Well.....I've always wanted electric purple...." "Nice color, it fits you nicely" then Taylor got up and glanced at her phone "Well its time" I got up and turned my lights off, closed my curtains and my balcony door. We hopped over the railing and walked on the roof "Where's the party?" I asked "Its in that old wood shed that's all the way in the back of the school, the teachers don't use it anymore so now we do....and its also better because its in the woods, its huge, and the teachers won't be able to hear the loud music" I nodded my head at her answer and just followed her "Ok there's some pretty fat and strong vines here on this wall so its going to hold us well as we climb down" she said and got down on the edge, I did the same as she did and got down to the grass "Ok now from here we have to follow the lane that's behind the bushes over here" Taylor pulled the bushes aside that made it reveal a lane of rocks that went down hill "Lil vamps first" she said, I took a step forward and tried not to slip, "Don't be scared Mia if you slip I'll grab a hold of you" she said and tried walking down too. We made it to the end of the hill and started walking through a lane of dirt, "The wood shed is close" Taylor said and kept on walking, I followed and looked at every creepy tree that I passed, Taylor stopped which made me bump into her "Here it is" She pointed I examined the big wood shed, "Come, lets start this party" we got inside and I noticed that the entry was on a long porch that went through the whole place, I leaned on the railing and saw a few people here "I thought this was going to be a huge party" I said and turned to Taylor "Ya it is, we just came early because I'm the DJ and I have to" I followed her to some stairs that were built on the side of the long porch "I'm going to be down here playing the music just in case you need help, and if you can't find me just stick with Mackenzie" I nodded and sat on a bench that was on the edge of a wall. I waited and more people started coming so did Mackenzie, the whole time I was with her as Taylor put the music on. I listened to the rock music Taylor put up and noticed people start going wild and biting each other, "Wow I thought I was the only vamp that liked rock music" I tried to tell Mackenzie through the music "Well you thought wrong, vampires love rock music not that other kind of shit people listen to" she replied, we danced the whole time but I started wondering about Mason and why he didn't come, all of a sudden some one pulled me out of the crowd, I turned and saw Mason with his shades on smiling at me "I thought you were going to wear them" he said and took the glasses off the collar of my shirt and put them on for me "That's better" he said I blushed and turned so he wouldn't see "Want to get something to drink?" he asked "Sure" he led me to this huge water fountain with believe it or not blood running down it, he gave me a cup and I chugged it down "Dam someone was craving blood" he said I nodded and put more in my cup and started drinking more " I think we should leave" Mason said getting worried, he tried pulling me away but I refused ,when he tried taking me away one more time I hissed at him, I could feel my fangs and veins showing a lot "Your eyes" he said I took my phone out and saw my reflection, my eyes were pitch red and filled with evil, "I'm sorry Mason I didn't think I'd go that far" I said with fear "It's ok it happens to every vamp" I nodded at his response "I'm going to tell Taylor that your leaving" he left me standing there next to the fountain of blood, I tried to keep my eyes off it but I wanted more, I felt my fangs come out so I could attack but Mason came back just in time. "Come on" he said while pulling me away. We walked out side and I could smell the not so fresh air come to me "I love the smell of grave yards" Mason said "I like the smell of dead roses so I guess we both have a weird thing" he laughed and my response and we started walking up the hill, we both climbed up the vines and walked to my balcony, can I go through your room so I could get to mine?" he asked  "Sure" I opened the balcony door and got inside my room, "Well I had fun....see you around" Mason said and headed to the door "Wait your glasses" I took them off so I could hand them to him "Keep em" were the last words he said and walked out my room.

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