Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


3. New Friends

When I saw Taylor I have to admit that she is pretty. She had light brown hair,with pretty blue eyes that go with her tattoo I thought she'd be nice.

  Taylor Lead me out the door and closed it fast "I guess im going to say this again but, Hi I'm Taylor and don't call me that cuz i prefer Tay better.... o and just to let you know I don't like Professor Lafont......or this school" I nodded and kept quiet, "Why don't you talk?" she asked. I just laughed at her question, "Oh shy girl huh?" she asked again, "Ya" i sighed "Well you don't have to be shy around me cuz I think we're going to be good friends...... but only if you make me one promise" "Sure what is it?" I thought she was nice and we could be good friends at least "Don't talk to Olivia or Aurora their the worst people you will ever meet" I got confused but then thought about it "Oh their these popular vampires at this school" she explained, I nodded and pinkie swore before we started walking "So why did you come here in the first place?" Taylor asked "Well my parents thought I'm "not ready" for my future of being a vampire" I shrugged "Oh I just came here for punishment" "Why?" I asked "Because i couldn't handle my hunger of blood out in the human world so my parents sent me to this prison" I nodded again as we made a turn to some huge stairs, "Let me see your moon,why is it white?" Taylor asked "I don't know I see every vampire with blue or pink but all I have is white" I answered, she just nodded and walked to the end of the stairs "Ok, so the girls dorm is not on the left side of the corridor, its on the right.....don't want to make that mistake again" I laughed at her comment "Who did that happen to?" i asked trying to hold my giggles "Me" she responded. We walked down the hall as she asked for my room key and I gave it to her, "Oooooo room 215, why did you get so lucky?" I got confused and asked "Whats so lucky about this room?" Taylor opened the door to the room and turned on the lights because it was still 6 in the morning and dark outside, "Because you have a room were the balcony is right next to the roofs edge so you could sneak out whenever you want....but don't get caught" I examined the room and it was huge, better then what I imagined. "So Mia.....what do you think?" Taylor asked me "Its better then I imagined" I said as I sat on the bed next to her, "I know.....why aren't you wearing your uniform?" she asked I looked down and saw I was still in my jacket and jeans "Wooops I'm going to change umm...wheres the bathroom?" I asked "The door next to the bookshelf" I looked through my luggage, got out the uniform and walked into the bathroom....which was also huge. When I got out i saw Taylor playing with a ring "Whats that?" i said and threw my close on top of my luggage "Oh your going to need this so you won't burn in the sun later when it rises" she tossed the ring at me and i caught it, I put the ring on and stuck my hand in front of me to see how it looked, which was just a sapphire diamond on no big deal. "Want to meet my friend Mackenzie, shes really nice but we're going to have to wake her who cares!" Taylor jumped up from the bed and pulled my arm out of the room and locked it. "Wait I forgot to tell you, my room is in front of yours so you won't be lonely, your welcome anytime" she smiled "Nice your welcome anytime too" I said smiling back too "Good cause I'm going to be using your balcony so I can sneak out" I laughed as we walked down the hall and to the stairs, "Wait where is Mackenzie's room?" I asked "In the next building in the back" I sighed as we walked all the way over there. We finally got to the second girls dorm and walked all the way to that back of the hall, "Here it is" Taylor said while taking out a necklace with a key hanging on it "You have a key to her room?" I asked "Only a copy, she also has one of mine" I nodded as she opened the door and ran inside. I walked inside the room and it look exactly like mine but the bed was on the left side of the room instead of the right like mine, Taylor started jumping on Mackenzie's bed yelling out "WAKE UP MACKENZIE!!!!"she got down as Mackenzie looked up from her pillow "What do you want?" she pouted "I want you to meet a new friend of mine" Mackenzie looked up and saw me standing there like a moron. She had blonde hair with red highlights which i thought were AMAZING and green eyes, she was also very pretty.


She smiled and stuck out her hand "Hi I'm Mackenzie", "Hi I'm Mia" I said while shaking her hand "Nice name, I always liked it" "Thanks" i responded "Ok so get dressed Mack n Cheese we got to give this lil vampire a tour of the place" Mackenzie rolled her eyes at Taylor and went into the bathroom to change.

(Authors Note) I'll update soon or maybe later if I'm bored and hope you liked this chapter so like this story and favorite it if you want!!! :D - Mystery Girl 12316


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