Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


23. Lucy the Vampire Hunter


Taylor and I walked outside and headed for the woods, I stayed close to Taylor so I wouldn't get lost "Where are we going?" Taylor stopped and looked at the surroundings "Well.....I don't know" I rolled my eyes and walked back to the direction of the cabin "While your their, wash the clothes in the lake!" she yelled out. I got to the cabin and grabbed our uniforms "Dam" I said to myself while looking at the dirty and ripped clothes, I got up and walked to the lake to wash the clothes until I saw some girl watching me from some bushes "Hello?" I called out, suddenly the girl took out a bow holding the arrow back ready to shoot, everything went black for a while. I woke up to a girl staring right at me while throwing water in my face. She had brown curly hair with green eyes, and wore everything black....

    I quickly got up and scooted away, "It's ok, I know your scared but I'm friendly" she stated, I looked at her with fear "Who are you?" I asked "I'm Lucy, vampire hunter" just when she said those last words I started getting scared and worried. "It's ok I know your a vampire, but I won't hurt you I'm not like my family" I still kept quiet "Come" she said, I finally stuck out my hand to greet myself "Mia" I simply said. Lucy showed me a big smile and took my hand to shake it "That's better" I remembered about the arrow so I quickly looked down until Lucy responded "It's ok, I took it out as soon as possible so you wouldn't die" "How could I die from an arrow?" I asked, she grabbed the arrow and showed me the tip "It has vervain" she pointed out, I started thinking about what "Vervain" was so I gave up "Whats vervain?" she carefully put the arrow back in her arrow pouch and turned back to me with a tiny bottle with clear liquid in it "Its poison to vampires which is also a plant, so if a vampire touches it or smells it they would go weak and possibly die if they don't get away from it fast " I nodded as she explained "What are you doing out here?" Lucy asked "Long story...." I responded, Lucy got up and grabbed her things "I have time" I then got up and we walked inside the cabin "Wow, It smells like vampires in here" she stated, I nodded and walked to the old living room "I can tell this isn't your cabin" I looked at her with confusion "How?" she patted on one of the old couches so dust could come off and sat on it "Well, for starters the cabin is old,has a lot of dust, and this scent I smell isn't yours" I got very confused "Wait....what?" I asked "Every vampire has there own scent, and this one isn't yours" Lucy responded "Then what kind of scent do I have" I once again asked "You have a sweet scent, like roses and candy but at the same time with a hint of death that all vampires have, so if your scent is sweet that means your nice and caring" she added, I smiled at the thought of my scent "So, whats the long story?" I started to explain what happened at the academy, the evil professors, and how I got here "Wait so your friend is in the woods right now?" Lucy asked with a worried face, I nodded "Ya why?" she quickly got up "This is not good" "Why?" I asked Lucy started walking out the room and headed for the door "Because my family's hunting vampires right now and if they see your friend they would kill her in a second" I suddenly got worried and walked out with her "What should we do?" I asked "First I'm going to spray you with something so close your eyes" she commanded, I closed my eyes and waited to be sprayed, I felt the cold liquid on my skin "What was that?" I asked....again "That was a spray that would get the vampire scent off you" she stated. I walked into the forest and looked everywhere to find Taylor "Taylor!" I yelled out, but there was no answer, "Taylor!" Lucy yelled but we couldn't find her, I started thinking about what Lucy said about her family, and at the same time I got worried I mean what if they actually found Taylor and might be killing her at this moment.


(Author's Note) Hi,hope you liked this chapter, and please comment, favorite, and like it would mean a lot to me and also I'd like to command some stories to you like Same Love, How???, Starting Fresh, Just Can't Let Her Go, and Late Night Bite, they are really good stories well that's my opinion, the author of the story is actually my friend and her name is Red_Tail :) so if you want you could read her stories too and give her some feed back, and also comment on this story!!!- Mystery Girl 12316 

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