Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


16. First Day with Jessica

Finally at 10:00 I left Jessica's room and returned to mine, I took a quick shower and went straight to bed, until I heard a knock on my balcony door. I walked quickly to my balcony door, opened it, and revealed a drunk Mason stumbling into my room "What the hell?!" I yelled he just laid there on the ground so I'm guessing he chose to sleep now. I grabbed him by the feet and pulled him to the nearest couch in the room, I also tried picking him up but trust me he is really heavy so of course I failed. Instead I just grabbed one of my blankets and put it over him, just when I got down to my knees to put a pillow under his head he exhaled which made me smell the alcohol. " need a mint" I whispered while waving my hand to get the stench away from my nose, I turned off my lights and went to sleep hoping Mason would wake up in a good mood. I woke up to Mason throwing up in my bathroom "You ok?" I asked "Just peachy Mia" he said sarcastically, I smiled to myself and looked at the time "Well I'm going to get ready for class" I said walking in, he just gave me a thumbs up with a weak smile "If you don't mind me asking....where did you go yesterday?" I asked "Noah and I went to a bar and had a few drinks" he said "A few.....or a lot?" I asked ".....I really don't remember" Mason said while scratching his head. I walked out the bathroom and to the wardrobe to get my clean uniform out, I took off my pajamas and threw it in the dirty clothes basket so when the maid comes she could pick it up, I put my clean uniform on, turned, and found Mason staring at me. "You were watching?" I asked getting embarrassed "It was quite a show" he said smirking, I felt myself blushing but tried to control it so he wouldn't notice "Its ok, I won't tell" he said and walked out my room. I stood there shocked for a moment but I had to accept the fact that he saw me.....omg......I now regret changing in my room while he is around. I walked to the bathroom and then ran out because of how bad it smelled because of Mason so I just brushed my hair and grabbed my keys to my room. When I walked down the hall I heard Jessica yelling out my name "MIA WAIT!" she yelled "Well a hello to you too" I responded "Can you walk with me to the office" she said breathlessly "Sure" we both started walking down the corridor and down the stairs until we saw some girl stomping over to us. I just walked like usual until she got to us "Are you Mia?" she asked angrily "Ya..." I responded "So its your fault that my best friend is dead now" she said "Mia what is she talking about?" Jessica asked, I pushed Jessica aside and got closer to the stranger "And who are you?" I asked "I'm Olivia, Aurora's best friend" Olivia said she had blonde hair and green eyes.

 "Well then I feel sorry for you but I'm not the one that killed her ok" I said and walked away "What just happened?" Jessica asked "I'll tell you later" I responded and led her to the office. Once we got out of the office with her schedule which of course was the same as mine we walked to the cafeteria looking for Taylor and the guys "Hey" some one said I turned and saw a girl with an goth/emo style going on.

  "Ya?" I asked "I saw you talking with my sister earlier" She said "Olivia's your sister?" I said "Yup twin" she stated "But you have dark hair and she has blonde hair and you have pale skin but she has normal skin" "Ya I hate her guts and got annoyed of people calling me Olivia by accident so I changed into this" she said I gave her a fake smile and continued to walk until she grabbed my arm "Wait Your friend killed Aurora right?" she asked me "Maybe...." I said with confidence "Don't think I'm an enemy I'm actually on your side.....I've always wanted someone to take care of Aurora I mean she deserved all I need to be dead is my sister" I looked at her in shock "You want your sister to die?" I asked "Ya....since birth....great talking to you but I have stuff to do" she then walked away and left me standing there. I walked to the table were I saw Jessica already sitting with the group "Hey" I said and sat next to Mason, "Where you just talking to Olivia's sister?" Taylor asked "Ya I'll tell you what she said later" I replied Taylor just nodded and continued cuddling with Noah. The bell started to ring so we got out of the cafeteria and walked to class and of course Mason and Noah ditched class while Taylor tried talking me into it like always.


(Authors Note) Sorry I took long to update I kind of had family problems but I'll get over it so like always please favorite,like, and comment also please tell people about this story!!! - Mystery Girl 12316


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