Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


13. Aurora's Body

We all entered my room from the balcony and I sat on my bed while all my new friends left. I grabbed my laptop and laid on my bed, just when I logged into Facebook there where already friend requests from vampires at this school. Just when I accepted them all some videos started being posted, so I clicked on one of them and it showed the fight/death of Aurora, I kept on watching the video again and again thinking if Taylor was actually meaning to kill Aurora when she told me that shes been wanting to do something for a long time. I woke up and realized I fell asleep on my bed, I looked at the clock and noticed I missed two of my classes already, I got up and changed fast, I looked at my phone and saw a bunch of texts from Taylor telling me to get up......and a few missed calls. I ran down the corridor, down the stairs and straight down the halls until I found my third period class. When I entered everyone's eyes were on me "Good day Mia, why did you come late to my class?" Professor Margaret asked I looked all around the room and found Taylor staring at me giving me a "What happened look" I looked down and mumbled "I overslept" I looked up and saw Professor Margaret take off her glasses "Well since it's your first time being late in my class I'm letting you off with a warning, but if your late again I'm giving you detention....understand?" she asked I nodded my head and sat down at my desk next to Taylor's "What happened to you?" Taylor asked and pretended to pay attention in class "I overslept and forgot to put my alarm on" I replied and took my binder out with a pen, "Wow" Taylor said and kept quiet. I started hearing faint whispers about the fight and some whispers asked about what happened to Aurora's body, I started writing what the teacher was writing and asked Taylor what happened to the body, "I don't know, and why should I care?" she replied "Well aren't you scared that maybe a teacher would see the body and start and investigation on it?" I asked still writing, I herd Taylor turn to me so I turned to her "Mia, don't worry no teacher at this school even remembers that trail so they won't even know there might be a dead body down there, besides maybe a pack of wolfs ate Aurora's body" Taylor said until the teacher shushed us, I turned and wrote what the teacher added "I think we should check if her body's still there and if it is then we should just throw it some where there a near by lake?" I asked "Ya but its an hour away, and if we go we have to miss our last period" she stated "I'm up for that" I said "Are you sure?" Taylor asked "Yup" I responded "Well ok then" Taylor said and we stayed silent for the whole class. When we finished all our classes and headed for our final period instead we walked out of the halls and stood near the track at the school, Taylor texted Noah and Mason to help us if the body was still there then a few minutes later they walked through the door that exited the hall way "You got the bricks with chains?" Taylor asked then Noah held up the bricks with chains hanging from them "And hand cuffs" Mason added as he held the hand cuffs up, we walked to the trail trying to not get caught and walked down it. Finally we got to the spot of the fight and saw Aurora's body laying there lifelessly on the ground while two wolfs starting to eat her "See I told you the wolfs would do all the work" Taylor said I gave her a glare as she sighed "Fine" and told Noah and Mason to pick her up "Why should we I mean we have the bricks" Noah said Taylor took the bricks from Noah and handed me one "Now you don't" "Come on Noah don't be a pussy" Mason teased. Mason grabbed Aurora by the arms and Noah by the legs "Ok now lets get to the lake" I said and we started walking. It actually took us and hour to get there "Ok now put the hand cuffs on her" Taylor demanded, Noah took one end of the hand cuff and put it on her hand and the other end to the other end of the hand cuff on the chains of the bricks, then Mason did the same thing "Ok on 3......1......2......3" I said and they threw her in the lake. We stood there in silence and then decided to leave, " there's nothing to worry about" Taylor said "Wait but her parents, what are we gonna do about them?" Mason asked "If they start an investigation then its hopeless because they will never find her and no one knows about this place but us" Taylor said "But what about Olivia she would tell them it was you who killed her, mostly because she's Aurora's best friend" Noah stated "It's all good I'm going to take care of her....I have a few friends that do my dirty work for me when I don't want to" Taylor said and walked like nothing happened "What does she mean by dirty work?" I asked Noah "It means doing the stuff that will get her in prison" I was shocked by what he said and thought "What kind of a friend do I have?"


(Authors Note) Well here's another chapter and I guess I'm making Taylor even more dangerous than usual......o well like,comment, and favorite!!! - Mystery Girl 12316



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