Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


21. Another Day in the Woods


I walked into the classroom like Olivia would always do "Hey Dylan" I tried to say "Well how was your day?" he asked "Oh it was great" I replied, he made a questioned face at me "Really, because you always say you hate this place" I thought that I was going to blow it until he started to say "But if it was a good day today then I'm glad to hear it" I nodded and tried to remember what Olivia does when she comes here.....great I have to act like a slut. I walked over to Professor Dylan's chair and turned it around so he could face me "Well a hello to you to" he said with a smirk, I just sat on top of him like Olivia, "So..." I said thinking what the hell I'm suppose to do now, I sat there until Professor Dylan made the first move and kissed me, and trust me I just wanted to slap him and run away but I had to do this if I wanted Noah and Mason to find Mia and Taylor. I pulled away for air and looked away trying to talk some scene to my self "What's that?" I asked pointing at an old rusty key "Oh that's just.....nothing" he responded, I turned back to him "I feel like your hiding something from me" I pouted hoping to look like Olivia "Well Its a secret so I can't tell you" he said. Professor Dylan leaned in to kiss me but I backed up a little "I'm not going to kiss you until you tell me" I stated he made a playful sigh and looked into my eyes "You really want to know?" he asked I nodded and played along "Well.... If I tell you, you have to keep quiet" I nodded again and waited for him to at least say something "I have two students from this school locked away in some cabin in the middle of nowhere" he said "And...." I asked "And what?" "Where is this cabin?" he sighed and rolled his eyes "Why do you want to know?" I shrugged and looked all over the classroom trying to think of an excuse "You never know if some day I'd like to torture them a little bit......for fun" I said, Professor Dylan smirked at what I said "Ok fine but this will cost you" he stated "And what would it cost?" I asked he leaned over to my ear and whispered what he wanted and when he did I agreed knowing that Olivia would come like always and do what he wanted "Deal" "Ok its far from here so if you want to know maybe I can take you after school" I nodded at what he said and stood up "Well got to get to class so.......bye" I walked as fast as I can out the door and ran to my room so I could put my wig on and do my makeup so no one would suspect a thing until I remembered that Olivia and I have completely different color moon crescents......I'm in so much trouble well....if he noticed.


I ran down the stairs while Taylor kept on calling my name "MIA!" I walked down the two steps "What?" "I got us something to eat" I looked at her confused "What did you get?" I asked "You'll see" she responded, I walked into the kitchen with her and found a lot of dead animals stacked on top of each other "We're going to eat animals?" I turned to her "Well if you prefer that....... I would drink the blood" Taylor responded, I walked over to the dead animal stack and looked at them all "Choose" she said I looked through the animals until I found a rabbit "Drink the blood Mia, it's what we do" I listened to Taylor and bit into the rabbit while feeling bad for the poor thing, "Eat all you want, I could get more" I sucked the rabbit dry and put it on the table "I think I'm full" I said "Well, I am so hungry that I am going to drink out two deer tonight" Taylor pointed out I sat on a chair and started thinking if we are actually going to live like this for now on, "Mia don't cry" Taylor said, I didn't notice I was crying until I felt the tears stream down my cheeks "Mia, please don't cry, its like I'm seeing an innocent little puppy cry" she tried to calm me down "We're going to get out of this" "But how?" I asked "You never know.....we might find a way out of this forest..........or maybe we would be found....." she responded "What if Professor Dylan or Professor Infinity find us?" I asked getting worried "I doubt it" she snarled. I looked at her with a worried face filled with tears "Well they won't, we're too far away from that other cabin" I nodded and stood up "I'm going to bed, It's getting dark and I think I've had enough today" I sighed "Good Night!" Taylor yelled out "Night" I responded, I walked up the stairs and back to the room I was at before, I cried myself to sleep getting even more scared then how I was before.


(Author's Note) Well I had enough time to write well....type this chapter so hope you like it!!! PLEASE!!!! comment,like, and favorite!!!!- Mystery Girl 12316 

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