The Girl In Green ( sequel to Jessica Tomlinson)

( read the first one before this trust me it'll help ) Jessica's now 15 years old and she has changed so much since she was 12. Sadly the change was not made by a good cause she changed because 2 years ago the love of her life Fredric James Brooks went missing while walking home. Jessica knew she couldn't live without him. So, she went off and joined the army. Her platoon ( a group of four or three groups of soldiers ) gets called to an area that just got struck with war. Her job is to look for survivor's she finds a 5 year old girl and a 14 year old boy but, in the woods she hears a familiar voice. She looks around and cant believe who it is. Will she live to see the boys again ? Will that person turn out to be Fredric ? Will the boy and girl she found in the ruins of the town tell an amazing story? find out


7. yes i know

We all had a fire and we sat around it. Josh and William sang some song I don't know. I had my beer in hand. yes, I know I drink im so bad ( NOT). Everybody drinks here. I haven't told Louis but I don't think he'll be to made or maybe he will I guess we'll find out in a few days.

" Who's next to sing " William asked

I slumped down. I never sing in front of this many people. William looked at me and smiled. I gave him a death glare but, he just grew an evil smirk.

" Jessica how about you " he smirked

I sighed in defeat. I sat up and thought about what to sing. I guess ill just sing some nights.

~ After she sings ( im lazy) ~

" wow Jay pretty good " William stated surprised

" Don't call me that only Zayn's aloud to call me that " I snapped

I grabbed my beer and walked back to the tent. I walked in and of course the kids were asleep. I sighed to myself. Its true only Zayn's allowed to call me that. I took a sip of my beer then, threw the bottle against a tree and it shattered. Im not drunk just mad. I don't know why I hate William so much I think its his personality. I mean he's cute but he's rude. He's like a tiger. Their so cute but, they'll bite your head in one small move.  

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