The Girl In Green ( sequel to Jessica Tomlinson)

( read the first one before this trust me it'll help ) Jessica's now 15 years old and she has changed so much since she was 12. Sadly the change was not made by a good cause she changed because 2 years ago the love of her life Fredric James Brooks went missing while walking home. Jessica knew she couldn't live without him. So, she went off and joined the army. Her platoon ( a group of four or three groups of soldiers ) gets called to an area that just got struck with war. Her job is to look for survivor's she finds a 5 year old girl and a 14 year old boy but, in the woods she hears a familiar voice. She looks around and cant believe who it is. Will she live to see the boys again ? Will that person turn out to be Fredric ? Will the boy and girl she found in the ruins of the town tell an amazing story? find out


3. men ??!??!??!?!?!?

I woke up oh no I fell asleep. I heard a noise from outside the tent. I looked around the tent and the kids were here. I unzipped the tent I tiny bit and peeped out. I seen a soldier but it wasn't any soldier I ever seen. He was a man with striking green eyes and black hair, He was tall and fit. He wore a blue coat with black pants . He held a gun in hand and he hadn't noticed my tent since it was como. I grabbed my gun and unzipped the tent further. He was a little bit always from me. I got out and snuck closer It was a stupid choice but its what I do. he turned around and grabbed me the put the gun to my head.

" state your name and business soldier" he demanded

" Jessica Tomlinson, im here that's all im telling you until you tell me your name and business " I ordered

" im William Keeper im here to investigate a town  that's all I can say " he stated

" oh im here to look for survivors im part of the 3rd infantry division " I declared

He dropped his gun from my head and let me go. I stared into his eyes and he stared into mine.

" im here from the 1st infantry division we were called to come for back up for you " he told me

I shook my head to get away from his perfect eyes. He was absolutely beautiful.

" I have kids in the tent, soldiers from my squad are coming and getting us tomorrow morning" I said

" you have beautiful eyes " he mumbled thinking I couldn't hear him

" thanks " I blushed

He blushed out of embarrassment. He left and I went back to the tent. The kids were now awake. I opened my backpack and got a sleeve of crackers out and handed it to the kids. They ate most of them and I ate the rest. it was really late so we all   went to bed I was to tiered  to stand watch.

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