The Girl In Green ( sequel to Jessica Tomlinson)

( read the first one before this trust me it'll help ) Jessica's now 15 years old and she has changed so much since she was 12. Sadly the change was not made by a good cause she changed because 2 years ago the love of her life Fredric James Brooks went missing while walking home. Jessica knew she couldn't live without him. So, she went off and joined the army. Her platoon ( a group of four or three groups of soldiers ) gets called to an area that just got struck with war. Her job is to look for survivor's she finds a 5 year old girl and a 14 year old boy but, in the woods she hears a familiar voice. She looks around and cant believe who it is. Will she live to see the boys again ? Will that person turn out to be Fredric ? Will the boy and girl she found in the ruins of the town tell an amazing story? find out


13. In My Arms

We sat down I could see the camera's watching me like a hawk but, for now I didn't mind. I fixed my cap and sat with my perfect posture. I kept a proud smile on my face.

" My gosh Jess its good to have you back you wouldn't realize how much i've missed you " he said

" Lou I love you and that's what matters now, im here and I will stay " I promised

He picked up his beer and took a sip and put it back down. IDEA IDEA ! I grabbed the cup and took a sip then put it back. HIs mouth hung low as he stared at me in pure shock.

" you don't " he stated

" I do" I argued

" You don't

"I do"   

"You do ?"

" I do "

He shook his head in disapproval. UH oh. Woops. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and came face to face with..................................... ZAYN!! I leaped over the seat into his arms.

" Oh my, You've gotten big " he said surprised

" OH THANKS " I replied sarcastic

" Its good to have you back, Its been lonely " he admitted

I smiled. For awhile we all just stayed quiet and watched. The guys won the award they were nominated for. It was a proud moment. I couldn't help but, feel guilty about not being back in the battlefield  but, then again I am guilty. I left everyone there. Im very guilty but, im also very lucky to have gotten out of there. Im proud of my troops out there. Gosh I hope their safe.

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