The Girl In Green ( sequel to Jessica Tomlinson)

( read the first one before this trust me it'll help ) Jessica's now 15 years old and she has changed so much since she was 12. Sadly the change was not made by a good cause she changed because 2 years ago the love of her life Fredric James Brooks went missing while walking home. Jessica knew she couldn't live without him. So, she went off and joined the army. Her platoon ( a group of four or three groups of soldiers ) gets called to an area that just got struck with war. Her job is to look for survivor's she finds a 5 year old girl and a 14 year old boy but, in the woods she hears a familiar voice. She looks around and cant believe who it is. Will she live to see the boys again ? Will that person turn out to be Fredric ? Will the boy and girl she found in the ruins of the town tell an amazing story? find out


5. Happy

~ 3 weeks latter~

I ran to my tent. I walked in and sat on my sleeping bag. I was so happy because I got a letter's from the boy's and I heard that some of us might be going home in a month. I opened the first envelope. it was from Lou.

   Dear, Jess

               Im so glad there's not that much action. Not cry about YOU. Oh girl please. Anyway, really good news we are going to the ready for this VMA Awards for ' Best Song Ever.' Hey, try not to think about Fredric I know you loved him but, you'll find someone new trust me. oh well I gotta go cause Niall wants to write but, love ya girly.

                                                 - Louis

I laughed to myself and opened the next letter. This one was from Niall.

  Dear, Jess

          It's really quiet without you and im lonely without my eating buddy. Im so happy your coming home soon. Oh I have a new girlfriend. WHA ! WHA!  Her name is 'Hope.' She's like supa nice so you'll like her. Oh and my sister is moving in with us her name is 'Yosmery.' So yah. Like Lou said were going to the VMA's. Ok that's all can't wait till you come home.

                                           - Niall

 That's all the letters I got so far. I know the other boy's letter's will come soon enough. I walked ut and ran right into William. I glared at him and he gave me his playful smirk.

" man I got you hating on me don't I Tomlinson " he smirked

" Shut up William what are you stalking me " I snapped

" hey, whoa settle down " he coaxed

" oh please " I tested

" fine i'll just leave " he said and walked away

He'll be back. I know he will.

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