Just Like That


4. Break Up

*Megan's POV*

The bell rung and it was time for lunch. I've went through 3 periods already and I still haven't gotten over what happened during first period. I walked in and found...


Louis and Cassie were in the middle of the room. Why? What happened? Everyone formed a circle around them and all I heard was screaming from Cassie.

I sat down at my table next to Jamie and Xavier.


 "What's going on?" I asked them.

"Louis broke up with Cassie." they both said in unison, which was kinda weird.

"WHAT?! It's the first day back from winter break and they're already breaking up? They've been together for 2 months already!"

"Megan! What's wrong with them breaking up? It's a good thing right? Now you have a chance of being Louis Tommo Tomlinson's girlfriend!" Jamie said to me.

"Yeah, I guess so Jay.." there was something bothering me about their break up though...Maybe he felt the same spark as me during first period?! Nah, don't be stupid Meg. Okay, I have got to stop talking to myself..


At the end of the day I walked to the usual spot where Jordan always meets me.


*Louis' POV*

I broke up with Cassie, finally. Whenever we talked she would talk about parties and when she would go shopping. Don't get me wrong, they're fine to talk about but that's the ONLY things she would talk about. She was a bore to me.


*Cassie's POV*

"WHAT?! WHY DO YOU WANT TO BREAK UP?" I shouted. I love Louis! At least...I think I do. He's one of the most popular guys at school and he dumped me right in front of everyone during lunch. What kind of person does that sort of thing?!

"Look, I just think...that we aren't really working out..." he said quietly.

"We were perfect for each other! We've been with each other for what? 1 year already?!"

"Cassie, love, it's been 2 months.."

"Don't you 'love' me!" he's messing up my reputation.

"Alright, sorry! Look I gotta go.." he said as he turned around and left.


Well that does it. If I can't have him, then no one will.

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