My double life

Hi I'm Baylee. I'm a jr in high school. I'm a normal girl, I like to shop, hang out with friends, and enjoy life. I'm just like a normal teen except I'm dating pop star Justin Bieber. Being with him can be tough but I dont care. I didnt fall for Justin Bieber I fell for Justin. I could care less about the fame or the money all I want is for him to be happy..


1. car crash.

Baylee's P.O.V.

        I woke up this morning. I was really tired because I stayed up all night talking to Justin since he is on tour. I havent seen him for like 3 months and I miss him so much. I put my hair up in a messy bun. I threw on some nike shorts and a t-shirt and did my makeup. Today was my lazy day. I grabbed my book bag and headed down stairs. My mom had apple juice sitting on the table for me. " What did you stay up all night talking to Justin?" My mom asked. I gave her the really look." Yeah I did and dont tell me you dont like him because I know" I said then taking a drink of my juice. My mom thinks Justin is a bad boy and wont be able to give me what I need. She needs to take a chill pill. My phone went off. It was a text from Justin. " Hey beautiful good morning. Have fun at school.. I love your so much princess" I smiled at my phone like a retarted. I texted him back " Morning babe.. Love you too..:)" I put my phone in my pocket. " Okay bye mom Love you". For my birthday Justin bought me a purple cheeta print painted ferri. I told him to take it back but he doesnt listen. I dont want his money but I loved the car. I got in.


On the way to school I pick up my friend Jordan. I pulled up to her house and she was already waiting outside for me. She got in. " You look tired" She said. " I'm I was up all night talking to Justin" I said backing out. " Is he still on tour?" she asked " Yes and I miss him." I said. She smiled " Do you know how lucky your are Justin is a wonderful guy. I mean he bought you this car" She said looking around. " Yeah I know I didnt want him to but he doesnt listen to me.". She turned on the radio and Love More by Chris Brown was on. I loved this song. I turned it up as loud as it could go and started to sing along with the radio. I looked over at Jordan for a second then back out at the road but all I saw was car headlights coming right at me. All I remember from there on is going through the windseld.


Sorry It's short. It's already 9 30 and I have School in the moring but I will update as soon as I can and it will be a long one.

                                - Kat XXXX

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