In My Time of Dying

Previously: The Newest Member. Teen Titan's Fanfic!!!!!!!! Hope you guys like it!!! Very, very Hugely excited! ~**~ This story is dedicated to my friend, Megan. May the love of Teen Titans unite us always! lol and this is strictly the old Teen Titans, not this Teen Titans Go! stuff~**~ (PS since this is dedicated for her, her fav ships are in here, this doesn't mean I ship it.... :-/ :-) )
Update (2017): Good Grief, I can't believe that it's been this long since I've updated, supremely long overdue. So ta-da!!


2. Robin

"What happened?" Raven asked, putting her hand to her head. She tried to sit up, Robin propped her body up against his own, supporting her mostly limp weight.

"Raven, are you okay?" BeastBoy asked as he popped up from behind Robin.

"I... I think so." She answered. Robin looked down sternly at Raven. He shifted her to free a hand and he carefully touched her face to wipe some hair away that had glued itself to her face via her sweat. Something was wrong, really wrong. He touched the back of his hand to her forehead.

"No, you're not, Rae. Something's up, you have a really high fever. Plus, your little fainting spell must have drained you pretty badly." Robin said as he moved slightly away from Raven. Robin caught a glimpse of her face, she still seemed to be in some sort of dazed and confused state of mind.

"Please, Robin. Don't leave me here." Raven tried to say, but it came out dry and really raspy.

"Don't worry, Rae. I'm not going." Robin told Raven right after she finished. "What happened to you anyways? Oh, and BeastBoy, go grab a cloth and some water. Now." He looked at BeastBoy with a 'get-out-of-here-now' look.

"Well, I was doing the scan of the city like I usually do. Then, I saw a glowing..."Her voice dropped down to a whisper. "Body. A glowing body. It belongs to a girl. Her body looked so mangled. As if she was beaten to death. I don't know who she was or why she was there, but--"

"Here's the water and cloth you wanted, Robin." BeastBoy interrupted. "And, oh... you guys were talking, um... awkward." He started mumbling as he backed away, turning into a little green rabbit and running as if his life depended on it. Unbeknownst to both Raven and Robin, Cyborg had entered the room quietly and was setting down some more items. 

"You were saying," Robin started, hinting at to Raven to continue. 

"I don't know what happened. But that girl was in trouble. Big trouble." Raven now had a faraway look in her eyes. She still wasn't making sense.  Cyborg made his way to join the other two Titans on the floor. "She's alone. So alone. She is just human. But the glowing. It's so, so strong. I think it's a leak of some kind. A radiation leak. She has been poisoned. Someone else is with her. It's him." Her eyes went back to normal as quickly as they had become fixated in a faraway place. 

"Him who?" Cyborg asked. 

"Him, the man with the gold mask." Raven answered, not really seeming to grasp who she was talking to.

"You can't be serious, can you?" Cyborg replied, his comment directed towards Robin more than anyone else. 

"Slade." Robin's face turned into a menacing snarl. 

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