In My Time of Dying

Previously: The Newest Member. Teen Titan's Fanfic!!!!!!!! Hope you guys like it!!! Very, very Hugely excited! ~**~ This story is dedicated to my friend, Megan. May the love of Teen Titans unite us always! lol and this is strictly the old Teen Titans, not this Teen Titans Go! stuff~**~ (PS since this is dedicated for her, her fav ships are in here, this doesn't mean I ship it.... :-/ :-) )
Update (2017): Good Grief, I can't believe that it's been this long since I've updated, supremely long overdue. So ta-da!!


1. Raven

"And this is now why you can't defeat the mechanism, Robin." Cyborg said as Robin carefully took off the training head gear and placed it on top of the wooden table next to him.

"Can't you, like, rig it or something, Cyborg? I mean, this is getting really easy. Hey, and it's supposed to be difficult… wait--HEY!!! I didn't say that I needed to defeat the mechanism! That's been broken for quite some time now. Couple months, I believe." Robin stated to Cyborg as he tried to hide the smile that was beginning to grow on his face.

"YOU WHAT?!?!?!?" Cyborg screamed in disbelief at Robin. "I purposely made that chip indestructible!!! How did you--" Cyborg was interrupted by screeching and shouting from downstairs. As the two of them ran of the room, they were met by a frantic Beast Boy.

"Beast Boy, what happened?" Robin asked as he gripped both of Beast Boy's shoulders.

"OW! Hands off, please!" Beast Boy protested. "Well, Raven was doing a -- what does she call them... 'mind sweeps' of the city, then she screamed and collapsed. Star's down there with her now, still trying to wake her up."

"Oh no, God no," Robin's voice fell to a whisper. "Rae! Raven!! Rae, please! Please hold on! Rae!" He started to scream as he ran down the stairs and to the hallway that led to their "main rec room". Robin burst through the doors. In the middle of the room was Raven being held by a sobbing Starfire. Raven's limp, unconcious body was disarray.

"What is wrong with Raven?" Starfire asked as the three boys made their way down the tiny set of stairs that was between them and Raven and Starfire. Robin quickly swooped down on top of Raven's left side, his cape covering her upper leg. He carefully took her hand in both of his and pressed it to his lips.

"Raven," Robin whispered again. "Rae, please. Please. You have to wake up, please." Robin's voice broke for he was on the virge of tears. "Please, Rae." Robin turned around to face Cyborg and Beast Boy. "What are you waiting there for!?" Robin screamed at them. "Go get water and a cloth! The other person go grab blankets and a pillow! GO!!" Robin screamed as his voice cracked again. "Go." his voice dropped down to a whisper as he looked away from them and started to try and find a pulse on Raven. Cyborg returned first with a pillow and a bunh of blankets. Raven started to stir a little.

"Raven?" Cyborg called out, a little frantic. Raven stated to stir even more, this time shifting from side to side, as if having a nightmare.

"Rae, you have to wake up. C'mon Rae." Robin said to her as he started slowly shaking her shoulders.


Raven could feel Robin's hands on her shoulders trying to shake her awake. She tried to respond, but she couldn't. She called out, but her voice made no sound. The darkness that gripped her so tightly, started to loosen as Raven gasped for air and her eyes fluttered open.

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