The Secret Place (completed)

This is book one in the series... Go read book two. Locket.
well, obviously i'm not gonna go ahead and just tell you what's gonna happen in the story. why would you need to read it then in the first place. well, anyways, it's a louis fan-fic, kk plz like, fan, and heart. :P ♥cc♥


22. last chapter

~2 months later~ 

"happy birthday" Louis shrieks loud enough to hear him probably from the moon. i just moan and roll over, throwing a pillow over my head to block my eyes out from the blaring bulbs that are the sun. he just whimpers.

"c'mon babeeee get up" he whines, carrying out the "e" in babe.

"ughhh" i take the pillow off my head and squint against the bright lights shining in through the curtains. i look over to Louis to find him in his red horizontal striped shirt and suspenders. like always. he kisses me and starts toward the door.

"hurry up we have to leave in an hour!!!" he calls up the stairs. i swing my legs over the bed and look at my phone.

"1:30pm" i exclaim. how did i possibly sleep so late. i jump up out of bed and walk to the bathroom. i strip my pajamas down and hop into the shower, i turn the water to it's hottest setting and close my eyes, taking everything in. i have everything i will ever need. a boyfriend, kids, and a house. i wonder where louis is taking me? better not over think it. i wash my body and my hair. i tay in the shower until the mirrors are fogged up with steam. i dry myself off and walk to the closet to find it... empty? what the hell? i glance around the room to find an outfit laid on my bed. a yellow shirt that cross over ties in the back, a pair of destroyed blue skinny jeans and a pair of baby blue sparkly toms. i haul them on and walk to the bathroom. i straighten my hair and put in a black hairband. i let out a breath and start my makeup. i put on a smokey eye color and some light blush. i put some mascara and eyeliner. i run downstairs and see louis holding something. he turns around and i gasp.

"a puppy!" i yell

he chuckles and walks over and hands me the puppy. he has long white curly hair and big brown eyes. "awwwww" i exclaim as i lay him down. he envelopes me in a tight hug. 

"now we better hurry, you get to meet Harry, Liam, Niall,  and Zayn today!" he says. i giggle

"so where are the kids?" i say smiling. he opens his mouth only to be interrupted by the doorbell. he walks over to the door and opens it to see an exited Bridgette, angel, and amber. "

heyy guys!!!" i yell and run over to them, i give them each a hug. "so what are the bags for?" i ask

"We get to be BABYSITTERS!!!" amber yells and runs over to me. jumping up and down and clapping. she has always been the spunky one. let me take some time to explaine them :)

angelica (angel) : medium length bright red hair. she has beautiful big brown eyes and long eyelashes. she is a nice size and wears dark makeup. she is in uni working towards being a vet.

Amber (ambi) : she has long hair that comes down to her butt. it is a very very light brown. she has mesmerizing blue eyes and tanned skin. she is a model. she is very skinny and small

brigette (brigibear); she has black hair that reaches her middle back and dark brown eyes. she has very fair skin and a small nose. she is very short and frail. and loves bring me the horizon 

anywho, back to the story

we were almost at the place where he was taking me. i wasn't quite sure where we were going but it was a surprise he said. it was getting late and i was about to doze off when Louis shook me. i groaned and crossed my arms. 

"can i please take this stupid blindfold off now!?!" i say in frustration

"rawr feisty, is it that time of the month?" he says. i can almost feel him smirking.

"you'd better be glad i dont know where you are" i say

he just yelps and gets out of the car. he walks over and helps me out of the car. i take the blindfold off and here we are, at The Secret Place.

"oh my lord" i say, my words muffled due to the fact that i was being held tightly to his chest. i look behind him to see a table with two chairs, a table cloth, and a burning candle that shon beautifully in the near dark skylight. i walk toward it and louis hold out my chair. i look to my left to see a boy. his name is liam i believe. he walks over

"liam" he says, flipping the hair out of his face

"harry" the next one says with a wink

"zayn" says one. he has a Bradford accent i notice

"and im the irish clover!!!" the blonde one says

"wow! way to ruin it niall" liam scolds payfully. i just laugh and we eat. louis takes my hand and we walk down beside the lake. he takes my hands in his and looks at me. 

"i love you more than words can describe, you are my one and only, my other half. i love you and dont want to let you go. so, cecilia emma parker, will you marry me?"

i gasp as he  gets on one knee. he pulls out a ring.

"yes" i say and we walk down the lake. what a fairytail beginning

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