The Secret Place (completed)

This is book one in the series... Go read book two. Locket.
well, obviously i'm not gonna go ahead and just tell you what's gonna happen in the story. why would you need to read it then in the first place. well, anyways, it's a louis fan-fic, kk plz like, fan, and heart. :P ♥cc♥


15. here we go

A/N hey guys my computer is working again and i'm so happy. i have no idea what happened with the update. i did write it all out and yea. but i dunno when ill have the time to update because i have school and a boyfriend and everything sooo yea. ily all and i'l update as soon as possible. and if you see this MIKIOAKA CALL MEHHH. see ya loves, xoxox cc

cc's P.O.V.

my eyelids flutter open to the sound of...a dog barking? we don't have a dog. i sigh and get out of my cozy bed. i shiver and run to the bathroom leaning over the toilet and i puke my guts out. ughhh i hate this stupid baby. i wash my mouth out and brush my teeth, hair and get dressed. i waddle over to the closet and open the large doors. i stare blankly at the closet and i tap my chin, picturing outfits in my mind. i finally decide on some destroyed jeans and one of Louis t-shirts. i walk to the elevator and go to the first floor which holds the kitchen, den, and pool. i walk to the kitchen to find louis standing over by the counter, cracking eggs. i sit down on the kitchen stool.

"mornin'" i say in my accent. which is frankly the only thing i find attractive about myself.

"i like your shirt" louis laughs.

"thanks!!! you should get one of these they are super comfortable"i joke back

"mhm" he says

we eat and make our way to the den. we satr and watched disney movies all day. we were about half way throught the little mermaid when i felt weird.

"i'll be right back" i say and get up from where i was sitting and made my way to the bathroom. just as i thought. i run upstairs to the mastert bedroom and grab my suit case and head to the elevator. when i arrive on the first floor i start having horrible pains in my stomach. 

"LOUIS!!!" i scream and he instantly appears at my side. eyeing the suitcase

"time?" he said and i nod. wincing at the pain.

he picks me up along with the suitcase and brings me to the car. here we go


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