The Secret Place (completed)

This is book one in the series... Go read book two. Locket.
well, obviously i'm not gonna go ahead and just tell you what's gonna happen in the story. why would you need to read it then in the first place. well, anyways, it's a louis fan-fic, kk plz like, fan, and heart. :P ♥cc♥


3. girls night out!!!

~3 months late~ 3 weeks later~ Louis pov We were officially dating. Cc was my girlfriend. I liked it. Cc and Lou.

" mornin" she said in her sexy accent. Damn did she look nice, like always.

" mornin" I said, mimicking her tone.

" oh shut up !" she said pushing me playfully. she poureda bowl of cereal and sat at the table.

CC's pov

I'm bulletproof, nothin to lose Fire away, fire away. Ricochet, you take your aim Fir-

" hello" I said. It was Brigette.


"Sorry I haven't been around but I've been with Lou"

"Lou" she said, puzzled

"Yea, he's my boyfriend"

"Oh, we'll anyways me and Angelica are going out. Wanna come?" She said

"Uhh one second" i turn to louis

"Babe? Can I go out with the girls tonite?" I ask him

"Sure love" he said smiling I turned back to the phone and told her I'd be there in an hour but she insisted she pick me up in case Danny was there since she lived down the street. I told her the address and she said shed be there in about an hour and a half. I went up to my bathroom and hopped in the shower. I stayed under the amazing hot water for about 15 minuite a then hopped out and went to my closet. It was filled with clothes that Louis bought me even after I protested he bought ma a closet filled with clothes and a bunch of other stuff. I picked out a yellow knee high strapless dress and some high heel sandals then I went to the bathroom. I dried and straitened my long blonde hair. It had a pink dip die at the ends. I left it down and moved on to my makeup. I put on some foundation, and bright pink lipstick with a yellow eyeshadow and slight pink blush then I headed downstairs to see brigette and Louis talking in the living room. I walked over and Brigette tackled me to the ground hugging me. We shopped until 3 and she dropped me home I got just enough time to take a quick nap

~hey this is brigid. writer #2. cc wrote the other chapers this is my first one. i dont have the writing talents she has. hahaha hope you like it.

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