Just Another Dream?

Macy was you're typical High school senior. She's got a group of great friends, Britt, Jen, Tiff, and Gabby. They all are absolutely insane. They also are OB-SESSED with One Direction.
Hopefully you enjoy reading the twists and turns of these 5 girls' senior year. :)


26. Prank.. Maybe.?

Hey there. Doing my best to write more, but I've got HSPA's coming up and my boyfriend hanging out and my friends. So I'll do my best with everything


We hear a loud fall outside the door then a massive groan.

At this point we're all freaking out. Harry is holding me tight, and Niall is rocking Britt.

"I have to go check it out. It is my house after all." Britt stands up stating.

"I'll come with you." I say, shocked those words even came out of my mouth.

Harry looks at me, probably just as shocked.

I nod and stand up.

I grab my phone, turn the flashlight on and head out into the hallway.

We flick the lights on and walk down the stairs, we gasp at what we see.

Britt's mom is laying on the floor dying laughing.

"What's so funny?" We whisper.

She wipes her eyes and calms herself down.

"Well, I walked in and turned around the corner really fast. As you can tell it's storming out, so I turn to head to my room and Britt's prom dress is hanging on the closet, covered of course so Niall doesn't see it, and I thought it was a person so I jumped back and fell flat on my butt." Britt's mom says.

We chuckle.

"I knew we heard a thud!!" I say laughing.

" OHMIGOSH. I HAVE THE BEST IDEA EVER, Mom do we have ketchup?" Britt says energetically.

I cock my head in a questioning way.

What was going through that mind of hers?

"Shush this is a good idea. Mace, does that shirt have any importance to you?" She asks as she quietly runs to the fridge.

I look down, one of my crappy shirts I left at Aunt Gina's, so no real importance.

I follow her into the kitchen and she tells me to lay on the floor and act like I'd been stabbed or something.

"Harry will flip though, I think it's too soon to play a prank like that, this soon after Mikki, I don't think he'd handle it well. I'd rather not put him through that." I say.

"Very true. But we should think of a good prank. What if we call Tiff, act all calm, then scream really loud and hide by the back door, and when they come down we hop out and scare the shit out of them?" Britt suggests.

I turn to her and give her a high five, we quietly turn out all the lights and dial Tiff.

" Hey! are you guys okay?" She asks panicked.

"Yeah we're fine, just put us on speaker, scaredy cat over here thought it'd be easier and less scary if we were on the phone with you." Britt chuckles.

"Hey! You thought so too!" I say.

We waited to time it just right with a loud boom of thunder.

The thunder boomed loud and we screamed really loud. Then hung up the phone.

We heard them scurry around upstairs as they all scream.

We wait and hear stairs instantly.

"Macy...?" I hear Harry whisper loud, I run up behind him and put my hands over his mouth and pull him to our hiding spot.

"What the fuck Mace?" He asks.

"I'm sorry babe, but for right now be quiet. I'll have Britt explain, we're just having fun." I smirk and kiss his cheek.

He softly chuckles and we wait it out for everyone else to come down.

We hear the stairs and quickly shush up.

Everyone is coming down at this point.

Britt then looks at me and nods.

We hop out of our hiding spots and scare the shit out of everyone.

Britt, Harry, and I are all laughing hysterically.

"Real nice guys.." Gabby shouts at us.

"Sorry!!! We just thought it'd be funny.." I say grabbing Harry's hand.

She rolls her eyes and walks over to Liam.

The rest of the night we just hung out and pigged out, at around 11 Harry and I headed out, we headed back to Aunt Gina's and saw everyone there.

I walk in to see one person I really didn't want to see sitting on the couch........

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