Fiolee Forever

its just a story i made up about fionna and marshall lee from adventure time.


4. The Party


i paced back and forth in my beautiful dress"how am i supposed to break up with gumball when he is throwing me this party!"i said"i have to do this i want Marshall now"i sighed"I'll just have to do it"


"the party is starting!"i said"its starting"everyone began to pile in including Fionna the girl im in love with"Fionna"i said and went up to her.i kissed her lightly on the lips.The music began to play"would you like to dance?"i asked

"i need to talk to you about something"she said, i shook my head

"time for dance not talk"i began to spin her around on the dance floor.The party went smoothly from there on.Finally it was time for cake, we sang and before everyone began to eat i said"everyone I'd like to make an announcement"


when he said this i knew i was in trouble" i want everyone to know how in love i am with you Fionna and i want you to be mine" 'oh glob no!' i shouted in my head"Fionna will you be my wife?"he said on one knee with a diamond ring.i put my head in my hand"glob, gumball im sorry but no"a large gasp from the crowd sounded"i was going to wait to tell you until after the party but im breaking up with you"Marshall walked in and set his present by the table"sorry im late"he said and hissed when he saw gumball on one knee


'how dare he!' i thought and walked up to Fionna"whats going on?"i said, she sighed"i just turned him down"she said and i sighed"gumball i don't mean to be rude but Fionna is mine and will always be"i said and kissed her.she didn't resist and gave a apologetic look to gumball when i pulled away.


"what!"i said and went up to Fi Marshall and Gumball"Fi you cant c'mon!" she shook her head"im in love with Marshall"she said"he's my boyfriend now"

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