Fiolee Forever

its just a story i made up about fionna and marshall lee from adventure time.


2. The kiss

The kiss

Please this is my first story im trying really hard so dont be rude

Marshall kissed me!Marshall lee kissed ME! oh my glob!
"Marshall"i said as i put my arms around his neck.i then pulled them off and ran down to my room

fionna ran."Dammit!"i muttered and flew home


i went to the candy kingdom to talk to Gumball,my boyfriend."Gumball!"i said running up to him and hugging him."thats me"he said reached down and kissed me"its nice to see you".

"you too"i said kissing him back"so i wanted to talk about marshall lee"

he grimanced "what about him?"he asked"well, he was on my roof and he kinda kissed me"i told Glared at the wall"i wish he would stop bugging you"

"i'm gonna talk to him"i said and kissed her again"thank you for being honest and telling me"she smiled"thats what relationships are about"she said. i pulled out some flowers "happy 18th birth day my bunny"i said"be here tonight at nine for your party!"


"you dont have to throw me a party!"i said shook his head"i dont have to, i want to"he tilted his head and smiled"now go my little bunny, so i may set up"

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