Dark (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

My version of Dark.
She knew who he was, what he has done, what he was capable of.
She was innocent.
He was dangerous.
She soon realized she needed him in her life.
Sometimes you need darkness to appreciate the light.

(Disclaimer- Events in the story are a mix. Most thoughts are made up by me but throughout the story, events from the real Dark fanfiction are incorporated.)

All Rights Reserved

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2. Chapter 1



            I stood in the middle of a crowded dance floor, intoxicated teens pushing me in every possible direction. The liquid in my red cup splashed over the sides as I hurried to get off of the floor. My heels stepped on various pairs of feet as I gave a quick sorry, continuing onward. A few feet before me, the tiled kitchen floor lay before my vision. I smiled, taking one last step before I escaped the cluster of people who moved care free.

            I stumbled over my heels, dropping the cup as the drink went spilling all over the floor. I groaned picking up the cup as I propelled it into a near trash can. Where could the cleaning supplies be? I began searching around the inevitable less crowded kitchen, in hopes of finding a rag to wipe my mess up with. I opened several drawers, desperate to finish cleaning the mess so I could stop worrying.

            Finally, beneath the kitchen island I found the cleaning supplies neatly stored in a bucket. I sighed in relief, pulling a rag from the bucket as I closed the white wooden doors back together. I walked back over to my mess, struggling to bend down in such a way my dress would stay down. I took a few deep breathes, trying to pull my dress down as low as it would go without letting my chest pop out.

            Nothing worked. I looked up, annoyed at my failed attempts of fixing my mess. While I let out short groans of frustration, a blonde mess of hair caught my vision. He smiled, his straight white teeth glowing as he walked towards me.

            “Would you like some help?” He chuckled as my cheeks turned as red as an apple. I nodded, handing him the rag, thanking him. This guy hadn’t even bent half way down before he looked past me, dropping the rag and running off. I cocked my eyebrows in confusion, looking down at the wet rag.

            Why had he looked behind me? Suddenly, I felt a pair of eyes watching my every move. I hesitantly turned around, finding emerald irises staring into my boring brown eyes. I looked up into his eyes, his tall built frame hovering over me. It was quite intimidating especially knowing this guy. If you lived in this town and didn’t know him, you must have just moved here.

            Harry Styles, he isn’t afraid to beat up; possibly kill any living soul. He has horrible anger issues and nobody dare looks at him let alone tries to talk or help him. He smirked, looking me up and down as my heart began racing. Was I going to die? Was this how I would end my life? Was I going to be left unable to clean up a spill because my dress was to short?

            “Come with me!” His deep raspy voice spoke, tugging my hand as I was pulled outside. This was where he was planning his murder wasn’t it? I knew it; I’m going to die young.

            He led me across the road, checking for traffic as I was reluctantly dragged across. We ended up in an abandoned park, trees peacefully swaying in the wind. I gave him a look of confusion, looking around the scene that unfolded before me. Before I could question his choice of location, two large strong hands pushed me against a nearby tree.

            “Don’t worry, stay still sweetheart!” He spoke, looking into my eyes as I refused to look at him. I squirmed against his grip, trying to push his muscular arms from their current position on my chest. After a good thirty seconds of struggling I realized his muscular man figure was too strong for my escape. I stopped wiggling against his arms, resting against the tree.

            “Are you done now?” he asked, a hint of annoyance blended into his already deep threatening voice. I shyly nodded, looking down at his tan arm that still pressed me firmly against the bark.

            “Good but that was a very naughty move. You’re going to be punished!” He whispered into my ear, gently nibbling at the ear lobe as shivers were relocated on multiple spots of my body. I let out a silent gasp as his warm wet lips pressed against the base of my neck, beginning to nibble as I stood defenseless. I felt the blood begin to rise as he pulled his lips from my skin. He ran his tongue over the spot, blowing over it with his hot breathe, goose bumps rising.

            I clenched my fists, suppressing a moan as gently kissed were scattered over random spots on my neck. To my disappointment, a small moan slipped as I felt Harry smirk against my neck.

            “There’s that moan!” He smiled, pulling his head away from my neck as his curls tickled my jaw. I kept my gaze solid, staring at the grass as a sigh became audible from his lips.

            “You do know there are other things to look at besides the grass right?” He asked, trying to tilt my head up to look at him. Giving in, my eyes met his as he tried to determine how I was feeling. Eighteen was too young to die wasn’t it? I think so…what if it’s not? Oh my goodness…he’s going to kill me. Can I at least live eighteen more years?

            “Yeah, but the grass is the most beautiful thing within a mile radius!” I spoke, mentally face palming myself. A mile radius Elle? How much more bad could you make this? Out of any of the things I could have said and I choose that one.

            “I can change your opinion on that!” Harry smirked, his lips mere inches from mine. I pressed my lips together, denying any type of access. My lips began turning numb and white with pressure but I refused to let him gain victory. I shook my head vigorously, once more squirming in his grasp.

            “Let me see your phone!” He sighed, as I handed him my phone. If I didn’t he might get mad and hurt me. I’m sorry…it’s just all I know was one thing he did and that led me on to believe there was more. The only thing I knew about him was he got in a fight with Dan Rockwell and the day after, Dan never appeared again.

            Could it have just been that one instance? Oh my, I really do hope so. He typed something into my phone, pulling his out as his eyes switched between his phone screen and mine.

            “Okay, now go home and get some rest!” He winked as he extended the hand with my phone in it. I nodded my head, taking my phone as I looked up at him. I observed his tall body for a few seconds before I quickly walked off. Not a goodbye, nor a word, was exchanged.

            Did this evening really just happen?

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