double sided (a louis tomlinson fan-fic)

how would it feel to be anoynomously cyber bullied by someone close to you..........

Ellie is in her six form year at Hayfield School. She has a perfect life... well almost.
she has great friends. An amazing boyfriend and loving parents. there's just one thing wrong with her life.. she's cyber bullied


1. first day in sixth form

Ellie's p.o.v


"So how's your day been so far Girls?" My best friend Katie Hardy asked me and my other best friend Megan Trowsdale as we sat down to eat lunch.

"Alright" I answered

"Same here" answered Megan

"how about you Louis?" Katie asked my boyfriend Louis Tomlinson.

" ok... I've got mostly all my classes with Ellie so it should be a great year."

" Aww " I said and kissed him on the cheek.

" hey ... what about you Niall?" I asked Katie's boyfriend Niall Horan.

"pretty good I've got loads of classes with Katie loads of classes with Louis and a couple of classes with all you guys," He answered.

"so this promises to be an amazing year!" shouted Katie.

"shh," we all laughed.

 we were used to Katie by now. She may be very intelligent but she sometimes lacks common sense... and quietness.


(end of school)

"Bye guys see ya all tomorrow" Katie shouted

"Bye" I called and set off home.

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