Maddie Wright has lived her whole life in a childrens home. She never got adopted as her mum told the people it was a temporary fixture and she would come pick her back up in a few years. She never did but the home had signed a contract with Maddies mum making sure that as long as her mum was alive Maddie couldn't be adopted. When Maddie was 10 they find out her mum had died. By then it was too late. Everyone wanted to adopt a baby. 2 weeks before her 14th birthday someone comes to the home and decides to adopt Maddie. That person is Louis Tomlinson. After his recent breakup with long-term girlfriend Eleanor Calder Louis decides he feels lonely and wants a kid. For her 14th birthday Maddie asks if Louis can find out who her real dad is. He's upset about this and agrees. He finds out her dad and Maddies life will never be the same again!


1. adopting? me?

Maddies P.O.V


My names Maddie Wright and im 13. I like in a kids home. How sads that. I want a family but I cant. I've been in this home since I was a year old! My mum left me here telling them that in a few years she would be back to get me. She made them sign a contract saying that as long as she was alive I couldn't be adopted. So I wasn't. She never came to get me though. 3 years ago I found out she had died. Drug and alcohol abuse. I wasn't upset. She gave me up, never cared about me. So for the past 3 years I've been able to be adopted. But nobody wants me. They all want the babies, or the cute toddlers. Basically if you're over 8 here you're screwed! It's my 14th birthday in 2 weeks. 14 years of utter misery. I want to meet my dad. They know he's alivebut they wont tell me who he is.

"Madeline. pack your stuff and come down please. You're being adopted" Miss Carter called up the stairs. No, this couldn't be happening. Me? Adopted? I quickly packed all my stuff and ran down the stairs. Not that I had much stuff.

"Who's adopting me?" I asked Miss Carter and she pointed to a man. I stared in shock. No frigging way! Louis Tomlinson was adopting me!


Louis P.O.V


I sat outside the childrens home. Was this a good idea? Of course it is Louis. You're giving a kid a better life. In all honesty I wanted a kid because I felt lonely. After me and El broke up I had nobody. All the other boys have wives and kids, but I don't. Well I want one. I took a deep breath and walked in. I went straight to the office

"I want to adopt" I said to the lady and she smiled

"Would you like to meet the children?" She asked and I shook my head

"I want the kid that's been here the longest" I said and she sighed

"very well, you wait here, i'll go get her" She said and left the room. I hear her call

"Madeline, pack your stuff and come down please. You're being adopted" then she returned

"so whos Madeline. How old is she and how long has she been here"

"Madeline, or Maddie as she likes to be called, is 13. Her 14th birthday is in 2 weeks time. She has currently been her 13 years." She said. 13 years. Flaming hell. A girl walked in the office with her suitcase. Presumably Maddie

"Who's adopting me?" She asked and the lady pointed at me. The girl smiled

"Ready?" I asked and she smiled

"Um hell to the frigging yeah" She said and I laughed

"With that attitude you and me will get on very well!" I said and lead her to the car.

"say goodbye" I said and she smiled

"Bye suckers!" She shouted and got in the car. I stared at her with a smirk on my face

"What, im excited" She said.

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