The earth's hidden walls: Kairos

Because so dark it was, that she could not see other than that weak spiral of light the candle in front of her let out. So quiet it was, that she could not hear other but that faint sound of hoarse breath, breathe her gently in her neck. For so strongly grabbed the fear her, that she did not do anything but stand there, like a paralyzed and startled goat.


1. The treasury


There do exist people in also this world who have a belief – the belief that there do not only exist humans who move if not voluntary – involuntary in time with the earth’s life – infinite life. Yes, as insignificant extras we all live unconscious with the dangers that are threatening the whole world population. But some of us know. Yes, there is in fact an old pact, that  pact that is hiding three worlds – if not more – from each other. And we? We live in one of them.


         "Do you read those old books again, Arna?"

Then she heard no more. She saw no more. She thought no more. Because so dark it was, that she could not see other than that weak spiral of light the candle in front of her let out. So quiet it was, that she could not hear other but that faint sound of hoarse breath, breathe her gently in her neck. For so strongly grabbed the fear her, that she did not do anything but stand there, like a paralyzed and startled goat.


Silent. Black. Stunned. She lost her balance, but the floor reached her and hit her with a hard slap in her back, and then she was, like a tsunami wave drags its prey into deeper water, dragged deeper into her own little subconscious. She lost her breath. Slowly but surely, she saw the faint spiral of light slowly disappear. The darkness had reached her completely.


         “Arnicia!” yelled a well-known voice from behind. The smell of old dust filled her lungs with a good and comfortable smell that made her soul dance. It had always been something weird with those old antiques to her grandmother that always had made her feel… whole? Something which she, of course, was not. Impossible must it be that she actually felt whole. And even more impossible must it be that that short inhalation of dust could fill the big and empty-spaced void she had always been a carrier of. She had always felt it. Known it. Something was missing – a puzzle brick was missing. And as she always had known, a lack of a brick in a puzzle games, will contain a hole – a void that longs to get filled by just that, the brick. The only problem was that she did not know what puzzle brick to look for. But one thing she knew; the sight of her grandmother’s old antiques and the smell of dust was not – at all – the brick she was looking for.


      Yet another slap hit her, but this time it was her cheek that got slapped. The slap, leaving a burning tingling, spread itself as a painful and warm wave over her cheek. “I think she’s dead”. A young feminine voice said over her. “No” answered a laughing and darker voice. “She just passed out, look, she’s opening her eyes just now”. In a really short moment of time, Arna was not sure if she had opened her eyes already, or if she still had them closed. Because so dark it was, that she could not see other but that weak spiral of light the candle in front of her let out. But quiet it was not - any longer. In front of her stood a tall, dirty blonde haired boy, with eyes as green as the leaves of a pine tree and skin as pale as alabaster. Next to him, stood an orange haired, annoying little girl, with eyes that matched her brother’s and teeth’s as big as a hippo. Two of her cousins.



         “What have I told you guys when it comes to sneak you up on me like that? You scared me like h..” Arna said, but before she could finish her sentence, Bark had already started his. “What do you mean with sneak you up on me like that?” Bark mimicked. “What I mean by that, Bark” Arna said, spitting out his name like it actually tasted like bark “is that you stood behind my back, trying to scare me – which I will admit you did – while I was reading.”

“I promise, I did not do anything but run upstairs at the moment I heard the loud bang coming from the treasury. Too bad it was only you. By the way, grandmother wants to speak to you.” Bark said, with a twinkle in his eyes that she could not quite capture the meaning of. Not yet. “What were you reading exactly?” Bara, Barks sister asked her. Arna felt the strange and rare feeling of tension, but also that well-known feeling of fear build itself up in her body, mixing themselves with each other until she was left with a painful, but also tickling feeling of nervousness in her stomach, and two questions. What was it that had frightened her? Who was the person who had said her name, and asked her about the books? “Nothing really, I cannot remember the name of the book, It just lay here.” Arna answered. Bara smiled, knowingly. Her lips were spread in a sly way, and in the next moment, she was already outside of the treasury and on her way downstairs, while the sound of her rolling laughter was singing through the walls. “Do you read those old books again, Arna?” Bark said, teasingly. “God, I hate you” Arna yelled, while one could hear the disappointment sing melancholy in her voice, in the room which was filled with everything but new things.



         It is almost unbelievable what one could find there; everything from rusty swords and shield to old, elegant dresses from the early 20th century and all the way back to the 9th century. Every single time Arna and her cousins entered that room, they found new, abounded things - as an infinite treasure. Thus they called it exactly that; the treasury. But at the same time it seemed like they were not the only one in the room. And no, they did not think of flies, spiders and other insect that also seemed to thrive in the room. But they felt like it was someone there, which could not bee seen by their eyes, but felt by their instincts. It could be possible that the old things had kept a touch of soul form the persons who once had used them, but that thought did never caught their attention.



         The kitchen had its overlook over the forest, where trees were carrying a proud, well known and dark green color, which told them that the summer had arrived with the cousins themselves. Every summer since as long as they could remember, their parents sent them to the Pavanova house where they staid until the summer was over. Little did they know that this time, they would not come home again as they were used to. The old Pavanova house which was said to be over 300 years old at that time, had its plot with the stone cold lake called The Nova lake, were the Vikings once had sailed over. The same water were the whooper swans actually could bee seen though - as I already have told you - the summer had arrived in the small country called Norway.



         Arna met with one Karna’s eyes that looked thoughtfully at her. Her grandmother smiled in that friendly and heartedness way she always had. “Arnicia” Said that gray-haired women in front of her. Arna did always get that uncomfortable feeling when someone called her by her full name, it had always sounded too… too seriously, she thought for herself. “Sit down, will you?” Her grandmother said with a hoarse voice that made her cough quietly. Karna, her grandmother looked again thoughtfully at her. It almost seemed that Karna did not know how to express herself – how to shuffle the words right, but of course not. Karna did always know what to say, because she had learned how to shuffle both letters and words many, many, years ago, and she had always been good at it. Karna thought.  “I’ve noticed that you have spent a lot of your time in the treasury since you arrived last week. Tell me, what are you doing there?” She smiled. Of course she knew what her glorious, golden-haired granddaughter had been doing there, she just wanted her to tell it herself.



         Arna met one more time the eyes to her old grandmother that was filled with the exact same color as Arna’s; ocean blue. Ocean blue. She had always trusted her grandmother. And she knew she could still trust her, but something told her otherwise. Her gut feeling told her otherwise. And as her grandmother had told her – to trust her gut feeling – she did just that, she lied. “Nothing special, grandmother” Arna said. Lie. “I do my homework there” Lie. Karna smiled, knowingly that Arnicia had vacation which meant; no homework. Karna looked out in the midair, as she was looking at someone. She smiled. Again. “So you do not read in those old books your ancestors once wrote?” Karna asked, suspicious. “No” Arna said. Lie.



         In a clock watch a bird was singing those twelve struck which told one that another day had passed. Karna turned around, and looked at her. “A new day has begun, Arnicia, but this day will be different from the other days you have ever experienced. Am not completely wrong, this day is the day that is supposed to change your life. Sleep well, and welcome what’s coming”.



         There were episodes when Arnicia – Arna, if you want, was not so sure if her quite humorous grandmother was joking or not. This was one of them. And there were even several episodes when Arna was absolutely sure her grandmother had gone insane. This was also in fact, one of them. But a little piece of Arna’s heart – Arna’s soul felt attracted to what her grandmother had just told her. And those books… The way they were written – the words they used – the stories which were told in such a vivid way that they had to be true. They needed to be true. Arna could feel how strongly the authors themselves believed in what they had written. Arna had as long as she could remember tried to interpret those words - sentences her ancestors once had written, as if they knew that she one day would read them. But there were words - sentences – pages – chapters in the books that were written with unrecognizable letters that she and her cousins were not able to interpret. Perhaps it was in the authors’ intentions that they should not be interpreted – yet. 

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