My Big Brother

Stephanie Scott horan, is 14 years old. She is nialls step sister, although they are step brother and sister they care for each other so much.Her best friend is Olivia holt!! What happens when there mom says to Niall to take stephanie to their tour?? Would he say yes or no?? Will one boy fall in love with her?? What if the boy asks her out and she says no and he rapes her??
Find out what happens in MY BIG BROTHER!!!


3. Chapter 3:

Stephanie POV:

We still need 4 hours to get there. Why does it have to be so far? Zayn told me if I was hungry. I shook my head saying yes. He called the waiter. I smiled for the fact that there is very well waiters In a plane. They even had a menu. I ordered so,e French fries and two hamburgers and five chicken nuggets, with a soda. I may eat allot but I'm still so skinny. 

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