My Big Brother

Stephanie Scott horan, is 14 years old. She is nialls step sister, although they are step brother and sister they care for each other so much.Her best friend is Olivia holt!! What happens when there mom says to Niall to take stephanie to their tour?? Would he say yes or no?? Will one boy fall in love with her?? What if the boy asks her out and she says no and he rapes her??
Find out what happens in MY BIG BROTHER!!!


1. Chapter 1:

Stephanie  POV:

Stefanie I heard my mom say from all the way downstairs. I say what she says come down and eat, we have a surprise for you. I thought in my mind a bit, I do like surprises. I get of my bed and go to the kitchen. I see the food and see my dad, mom, my newborn twin sisters, and my older big brother Niall. My mom says eat you're food, I said ok. In the middle of our dinner, my mom says want to know the surprise I said no duh momma, spill it pleassssse, I'm dying if you don't tell me. Then my dad says well you're brother will tell you. I turn around to look at Niall. He said well I have two surprises, In case you don't like the first surprise. Niall started saying about something of his tour with his band mates, I said uh huh he said well youre going with me on tour, I litterlliy screamed I said yes yes yes. He then also said you're other surprise is someone small will be going with you. I said who?? Who small? I questioned. He then hands me a small box, with holes in it. I open it, and it contained a beagle puppy. I screamed again. Then he said well leave at 3:00 am in the morning and well get to our plane at 3:30 am and well be in Miami at  7:30 pm. I said ok. then I got to go pack he said yeah hurry because you got to have a little sleep befor we leave. Niall then says, here is a bag full of clothes for you're puppy and here's is a bag for you, I said thank you. I asked him what the beagles gender Is he said look down there I said no. He said a girl and its small its a newborn baby beagle. I go upstairs with e bags in my hands and put it on my bed. I go downstairs once again and get my beagle. I decided to name her bee. I then got suitcases and packed my stuff. I then went and grabbed a medium sized bag for the clothes for bee. Then Niall comes and hands me food for bee, he says here you go. Then he hands me a food and water bowl for her and a coller. Then he hands me a jar of water for the flight for bee. He said finish up and go to sleep. I said ok. After a while I finished packing and took bee to a training pad that Niall gave me. I want to train her in training pads not outside I'm afraid apps he will go outside and forget to comeback or someone will take her. After that I got bee, and went to do my bed to get ready to sleep in it. After that I got dressed into my pjs and went back to my bed. I got inside of my soft covers. I thought I have to bring my blanket, I am though its soft. So I get back once more and put it in a suitcase and I grab another blanket. I pick bee, and put her inside of the blankets she fell asleep next to me in my pillow. Aww.

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